Magebot FAQ
Section 2: Beginner Help

2.1 - What are some common settings for magebot

Here are some typical settings for a lvl 80 druid

2.2 - How do I set up the healer

The heal spells can be any spell,UH,or heal,sheal,gheal,uheal

The mana potion can be only mana,smana,gmana,pmana

The heal potion can be only heal,sheal,gheal,uheal

Make SURE the % for light is higher than the % for heavy. MP is the amount of mana required to cast the spell.

Its always a good idea to choose a mana potion type even if u set the % to 0

2.3 - How do I set up my hotkeys

Every hotkey corresponds to a key on your keyboard. NOTE-For some laptop users a few keys dont work. Your hotkey choices are as follows

xxxx=means id of item.
spell= spell like exori vis.

  1. autosay exori vis ->says the spell if u have a target
  2. autorune xxxx ->shoot rune if u have target
  3. say spell ->says the spell
  4. self xxxx ->use item on self like mana potion or uh/ if it is a manapotion it wont use if u are near full
  5. target xxxx ->shoot rune on target
  6. ring xxxx ->equip ring
  7. amul xxxx ->equip amulet
  8. ANTIPUSH ->keep 1-2 gp under u at all times from an open container
  9. MAGEBOMB ->starts magebomb from lognoobs.txt (DO NOT USE IF U DO NOT HAVE A MAGEBOMB TYPED IN)
  10. MAGESTOP ->stops magebomb and disconects all chars
  11. FBOMB ->shoots auto fbombs on target
  12. SDMAX ->auto traced sds from enemies.txt
  13. SDMAX1 ->1 traced sd from enemies.txt
  14. SDLAST1 ->1 traced sd on the last target
  15. SDLAST ->auto traced sd on the last target
  16. MWALLSEE ->mwall on last viewed square (spammable with mc active enabled)
  17. FOLLOW ->first use the tibia follow on a char before pressing this hotkey (escape cancels)
  18. aOLLOW ->first use the tibia attack follow on a char before pressing this hotkey (escape cancels)
  19. GG ->for ots only (old client sd/uh mode uses runes frmo backpacks)
  20. POTFIRE ->pot trapper (no longer useful)
  21. SD/SD1 ->shoots sd runes
  22. EXP/EXP1 ->shoots explosion runes
  23. HMM/HMM1 ->shoots hmm runes
  24. GFB/GFB1 ->shoots gfb runes
  25. SSAFAST->equips ssa amulets until turned off
  26. MANAFRIEND x->manapotions an ally on navi at x% mana only while hotkey pressed
  27. POTIONFRIEND x-> on/off automanapotion ally on navi at x% mana
  28. DODGE->speedhack that avoids obstacles
  29. DIAGONALKEYS-> turns on/off diagonal keys with numpad
  30. PUSHMAX-> constantly pushes enemies in list or that you double click/look at
  31. MWALLCOMBO-> mwalls in a line with navi
  32. GFBCOMBO ->gfb combo with navi
  33. PARAMAX -> autoparalyze enemy
  34. PARAMAX1 ->autoparalyze 1 shot
  35. ATKMAX ->auto attack
  36. AUTOMANASHIELD -> turns off/on automanashield
  37. AUTOGRANHUR -> turns off/on autogranhur
  38. AUTOHUR -> turns off/on autohur
  39. SDLAST ->sd last target
  40. SDLOC -> fires sd using mouse (for old tibia 7.x)
  41. RMAX xxxx->auto shoots rune with id=xxxx
  42. GOUP -> uses ladder or rope hole near you automatically
  43. MWALLBEHIND ->tosses mwall behind you as you run
  44. EXORIMAX -> uses best exori spell on target automatically (targetting.txt)
  45. OPENDOOR ->opens doors
  46. CLOSEDOOR ->closes doors
  47. MWALLMAX-> tried to block target with mwall

More hotkeys will be added to this list frequently so check back

2.4 - How do I set up the cavebot

How to write a script:

  1. Hit the Record button
  2. Walk in a loop a.--if you go up or down holes be sure to step on the rope hole before roping up b.--if you go up ramps enter from the front of the ramps that you walk up it
  3. Hit the Save Button -- when the window pops up type the name file u want


    To start botting:
  1. Hit Load -- choose the sav file from the window
  2. Hit Start
  3. If you would like to drop loot on the ground, check the box Stack Loot on Ground
  4. If you would like to open bodies before attacking the next monster, check Loot Before Kill
  5. You may pause the bot at any time by hitting ESCAPE, Press INSERT to resume


    To reload mana fluids from a ground bp:
  1. Fill your dump bp full of mana backpacks
  2. Check the boxes:Stack loot in BP,Stack Loot on Ground
  3. Check the boxe:MF Ammo Loader BP(and put the backpack number where u keep manas in the box)
  4. After stating the bot, pause it by hitting Escape, look at the dump BP and hit TAB, you should hear 2 high beeps
  5. Hit the start button again


2.5 - How do I use the Speedboost

Simply Hold down the Delete Key on your keyboard and lightly touch the arrow keys while running

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