Magebot FAQ
Section 3: Intermediate Help

3.1 - How do I use and modify the looter

To use the looter independently of the cavebot, Check the box Autoloot

To modify the looter open the file itenids.txt in your magebot folder

if you wish the bot to toss an item in your 3rd backpack change the number after the ; to a 3. If you wish the bot to throw the item on the ground change it to 0. If you wish the bot to ignore the item change it to a 9.

3.2 - How do I use the runemaker

To turn on the runemaker, Check the box RuneMake, and put the spell u wish to cast in the box to the -> of runemake. Then on the client open a bp of blanks, and make sure your right hand is empty

If you wish to cavebot and make runes, u will need to hunt with just a 1 hander in your left hand such as a brightsword. Weapons such as the bright sword the same defense as the gaurdian shield so you wont take much damage

If you wish to afk runemake with autolog, Check the Box Auto Eat and the box AutoLog. The bot will xray log if anyone except a GM comes +- 1 floor of you

3.3 - How do I use Heal Friend

To use heal friend add the friend you wish to heal to your VIP list with a heart symbol. Then set the percent HP you wish to heal them at. The default is 60% of their max HP.

3.4 - How do I use the Buy Mana Button

This button requires a VERY precise setup which can be tricky. Close all open backpacks, and move your backpack from your backpack slot to your arrow slot. Then empty your right hand into your backpack. Then open a single backpack full of the backpacks you want recharged. Then hit the buy mana button. If gold pieces appear in your hand while the bot is selling flasks, you may want to quickly throw them on the ground. The bot will then refill all your backpacks with mana potions.

Note-> it will always use the type of mana that you have set in the Mana Potion Pot type in your healer

3.5 - How do I use Vipcheck

Take a character in Mainland outside PZ and Hit the button VIPCheck. THe bot will mark all of the people on your vip list with a green triangle if they are in PZ and a RED X if they are outside. If they are on your screen or if there is an error they will be marked with a lightning bolt. Relog your character to reset the vip symbols.

3.6 - How do I use the skinner

To use the Auto Skin, make sure u have a Obsidian Knife in your backpack. Then check the box, Auto Skin and whenever u walk near a skinnable corpse the bot will attempt to skin it automatically

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