Magebot FAQ
Section 4: Advanced Magebot Help

4.1 - How do I connect to the Team Server

First, enter the IP address of the persons computer who will be hosting the server. They should get the IP address from whatismyip.com. Then enter the team server password in the box where it says password. Then hit connect. If you are connected it should say white text on your tibia screen "Connected to Team Server, hihi". If you wish to potion friends using the potion type in your Manapotion Pot Type in the healer, leave the box potion friends checked. Otherwse uncheck it.

If you wish to the be Combo Leader, Check the box combo leader. IMPORTANT, the combo leader will not fire in response to other combo leaders firing, so it is recommended to not have too many combo leaders

4.2 - How do I create my own team server

First, Run the file server.exe from inside the Magebot folder. It will ask you for your ip. To get ip go to Start->Run. Then type cmd.exe and hit enter. You will be at the DOS Prompt. Now type ipconfig and hit enter. DOS will give u a list of IPS for your different network adapters. You are probably looking for the one that starts 192.168.... Once you have this enter it into the server.exe console and hit enter. Then enter the password for the server and hit enter. If there was no error the server will be now running. Try to connect to it using the steps from the previous question. If it fails you probably used the wrong ip from ipconfig. Keep trying until u can connect.

This can be somewhat tricky, hopefully future magebot versions will be less hard

You will also need to forward the port 7575 to your server computer

4.3 - How can i stair jump with Hold Attack

If you check the box Hold Attack it will keep attacked locked on an enemy even if you or he is jumping stairs and ladders

4.4 - How do I use the trade helper to avoid the lame NPC Shop Window

Inside the Magebot Folder is a file tradehelper.txt. You can set a keyword for any item ID, then save the file. Some common ones such as nmana, smana, gmana are done for you. So all you would have to do is walk up to the mana shop npc, and say hi,trade,100 gmana,bye. And that would purchase 100 great manapotions.

4.5 - How do I use the gold depositor in the cavebot

The depositor is a new addition to the cavebot. To use a prebuilt depositor script, simply check the box depositor before loading the script. All darashia rotworms and liberty bay rotworm scripts come with prebuilt depositors.

To add a depositor to a script u have already made:

  • Go to the area the script starts and ends.
  • Check the box depositor[]
  • Hit the Record button
  • Walk to the bank
  • Hit Save and choose the name of the script u are adding the depositor to.

Well done u have made a gold depositor

4.6 How do I use the MC walking magebomb
  • Log on multiple chars and bring them to the same area.
  • Load magebot for each character.
  • Check the box MC ACtive[] for every char except the leader.
  • Make each character follow another character so u have a line.

When u have done this the characters will hold follow up anddown stairs/ramps ladders ect. Also any time you push a Magebot Hotkey such as ENd or PAgedown, All chars will push the hotkey. Whenever you attack a creature or player, all characters will attack it.

The most common use for this is to have End = SDMAX on all chars, then just run around atking people and hitting the End key. This can be extremely fun on OT server.

4.6 How do I use the AutoCavebot
  • Go to the middle of your hunting area if you would like to set a range (in steps)
  • If you wish the bot to go up ladders and ramps set a positive number for the Floors(1,2,3)
  • If you wish the bot to only descend from your starting location put a negative number for Floors(-1,-2)
  • If you wish the bot to go everywhere put the number 9 for Floors
  • Push AutoCavebot to reset and start
  • You may set the Attack range below next to autoattack(you do not need to check the autoattack box), and you may pause and resume using the Start and Stop buttons (or Escape)
  • You can set the Attack Mode in attack mode and use a Hotkey just like the normal cavebot, (you may also use the autosay or EXORIMAX hotkeys)

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