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Why You Should Buy OSRS Gold from Rs2hotcom
12-03-2019, 07:32 PM,
Why You Should Buy OSRS Gold from Rs2hotcom
Well, the weather outside is frightful, but our updates this month are so delightful! December has descended on Gielinor and Festive Mode is fully engaged. Come on in from the cold and see what’s under the Christmas Tree, and also get a small taste of what the early New Year has in store…

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Smooth Movement
We know a lot of you were excited for some of the tech updates that were glimpsed during RuneFest. Well, we're delighted to say that the first of those will be arriving in December!
Smooth Movement will address the way characters currently traverse Gielinor. Currently, characters will start and stop instantly, with no acceleration or deceleration, and change speed suddenly during movement. And when turning, they start moving in their new direction immediately. This makes turning look jagged and unnatural.
A number of changes are being introduced to transform all of this. If you're interested in a very detailed and technical look into this then head on over to the dev blog. But essentially, factors such as acceleration, changes to catch-up and a new routing system will mean that both your character and NPCs will move a lot more realistically, and navigate the world's various buildings and objects in a far more natural way.

Advent Calendar
It’s the giving season, and boy do we have some great gifts for you! From December 1st to December 25th, you’ll be able to open a new door on the Advent Calendar every day and tear into the Christmassy goodies within.
This year the prizes include a new range of cosy Christmas Jumpers, the Santa Claws weapon override and the Santa Paws outfit for Felix the Cat! Plus, when you log in and use the calendar for 15 days, you’ll receive Merry the Christmas Yeti, who can accompany you on all your wintery travels.

Christmas Event
There’s some cracking good fun going on in the Grand Exchange, too…
The Christmas Cracker event is making an explosive return! In case you’ve forgotten, the event works like this: you’ll team up with your fellow players to build a gigantic cracker in the Grand Exchange, gaining Construction XP as you go. When the cracker is complete, you and your companions get to tug it open and claim the prizes inside!
Our sources also tell us that Santa will be having some trouble with his presents – it seems his sleigh just isn’t built for the sheer amount of gifts he has to deliver to the children of Gielinor, causing some of them to slip off the back. Hopefully the snowglobes weren’t among them! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to track down the lost presents and return them to Santa – in exchange for rewards, of course. The rewards in question are a snuggly Rudolf jumper, the Merry title, and some Cracker Paper to contribute to the Christmas Cracker event.
Both events run from December 16th to January 5th, and are free-to-play, so everyone can join in the festive fun!
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