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At a dead game as it's Maple story M Mesos pretty
05-13-2019, 12:36 PM,
At a dead game as it's Maple story M Mesos pretty
At a dead game as it's Maple story M Mesos pretty much dead anyways, they're the participant base, I'd sadly at this stage just continue doing what you are doing if it makes you happy but, all you are gonna do is make yourself look like an ass to an already elite / bot player base an either create them stop furthing the sport you enjoy playing passing, or just out right earn a huge bulk of the host dislike you. I'm not taking the botter's side just nexon doesn't care enough to fix their game an done is put a sour taste in my mouth understanding a game has a ton of potential an was ruined easily. ?
Im so glad I use bots with AI route but only for veggies creatures mining and flowers since im lazy to do it my self ): but this greedy farm is nothing fresh and sad since it is MapleStory 2 dosnt have really good community least for EU server happy I never buy anything of marketplace because that's 90% constantly bot feed after that they sale all of the farmed gold back to get cash.Neverless it's nice work on this and it's kinda surprise for me personally to see somebody actually doing something about it OR you may just be bored as well xD nevertheless I'd like to see the reaction of the ppl as soon as they come back like WTF MAN!
While I have always loathed botters at Maple, and hold no love for them at MS two, I could never agree with shaming them hard due to the way Nexon functions (at least Maple 1). As if at all, for MS2, old habits die hard. And in my opinion, while they do mess Nexon at Maple 1 does more than they perform. Do I need them around? No, I realllly do not. Can I expect them? Absolutely. While I said earlier I do not concur with shaming, I'll subtext that with, (unless they start to intentionally BS in a really sad manner like the one man"Oh so you recorded me obviously doing it manually")? .
I use a controller for some PC gaming. I dont bot farm r w.e u call it, and I don't Maplestory M Mesos for sale use my control at this time for ms2. However, my control allow me to set commands on 1 button. So I will decide on a button to move and perform any actions I want and decide on a gap in between, such as 2sec gap 8sec gap. So as long as I have something to keep back that button . The sport things I'm pressing on the buttons manually repeat the control with pause in between. Is considered 3rd party??

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