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Excited as the Fortnite fan by this change
04-04-2019, 11:54 AM,
Excited as the Fortnite fan by this change
The Fortnite Port-a-Fort does just what it says on the tin. It's quite simply a fort which you can keep in your stock slot, and when you want to create a building fast you simply throw this out to the job and pops up a big structure for you to climb and hide inside. It's very much an item there is a time and location for at a Fortnite match, and perhaps not one you are going to need to carry in set of some good weapons and healing choices, however when used correctly fortnite items  can quite easily turn a fight, or at least offer you that little advantage you want to go on and win the match.

Not to mention you can troll every one your squadmates by throwing one in their toes and watching them fly to the top with no clue of what's happening. That is why we've spent hours searching through chests to try and locate as many Fortnite Port-a-Forts as we can, and with only a 3.3% fall chance that has proven quite the challenge in itself! But now we've returned from our superb Port-a-Fort peaks and are armed with more than a few tips that will help you master the Fortnite Port-a-Fort.

We must admit that when we first got our hands on a Port-a-Fort with the 3.5 patch we frequently relied on it a little too much when it came to building a protection during fights, especially when playing on console. If you are still struggling to build stable structures in the heat of the moment then a Port-a-Fort could be a solid way out, but really the far better choice is to continue practicing your guide building abilities, possibly in Fortnite Playground Mode, and gradually but surely improve over time. This will cause you to be a far better player overall and generally you find yourself building more practical structures than the usual Port-a-Fort.

Port-a-Forts are great for giving you some fantastic height very quickly, but they do not always guarantee you a vertical advantage over your competitors. If another participant is on elevated terrain or has assembled themselves a massive structure which you just can't shoot out then the Port-a-Fort might not be the best solution. Afterall it will only boost up you a brief way and you're going to need to do some risky building yourself to continue to build along with it.

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05-24-2019, 08:20 PM,
RE: Excited as the Fortnite fan by this change
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06-10-2019, 05:55 PM,
RE: Excited as the Fortnite fan by this change
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