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Portable Trader &grasp RS3gold 9% off buy rs money til Apr2
03-29-2019, 04:47 PM,
Portable Trader &grasp RS3gold 9% off buy rs money til Apr2
From April 23rd you will be able to exchange a Bond to summon your very own Portable Trader, like the current Vic the Trader, to spend your hard-earned Bonus XP.At this time, this is not a permanent addition to the game, but may be re-introduced permanently if it proves popular. This does not impact the usual occurrence of Vic the Trader.Anytime, you'd better not miss RS3gold April Fool's day great promotion, during which time you can gain rs3 gold with 9% off.
RS Portable Trader for F2P & P2P players
According to the latest official news post, a new RuneScape Portable Trader will be available from April 23 to May 26, 2019. During this period, you are able to summon your own Portable Trader by exchanging a Bond. This Portable Trader is similar to the current RuneScape Vic the Trader, and you can spend your Bonus XP for some items. Both of free-to-play players and members have the chance to enjoy the new Portable Trader.
Although RuneScape Portable Trader and the current Vic the Trader work similarly, the release of Portable Trader will not impact the occurrence of Vic the Trader. Currently the develop team has no plans to remove the free Vic the Trader.
How to summon RuneScape Portable Trader?
1. Withdraw one RuneScape Bond into your inventory;
2. Open the Bond interface and locate the Portable Trader;
3. Click on the Trader Summoning Stone in the inventory to activate it;
4. Get credits with bonus XP;
5. Spend credits to purchase some desired items, such as RuneScape dungeoneering tokens, rare item tokens and the prismatic lamp.
In conculusion ,Hope you enjoy this Vice trader, and our RS3gold site April Fool's day great promotion.
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[Image: foraprilfools2019_seo.jpg]
07-21-2019, 11:25 AM,
RE: Portable Trader &grasp RS3gold 9% off buy rs money til Apr2
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09-26-2019, 05:26 PM,
RE: Portable Trader &grasp RS3gold 9% off buy rs money til Apr2
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