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The same items are still up for sale
02-14-2019, 01:45 PM,
The same items are still up for sale
We're trying our very best to continue to reduce the gap and speed up the response time to make a much better match and keep a respectful community" In the time of the writing, players've found ways around the ban of this word"trump," for example. If you hunt"MAGA" at the Meret Market Buy MS2 Mesos, you will immediately find a car with President Trump's face on it, as well as a picture of"NPC Wojak," a reference to the dehumanizing NPC meme.

Others wish to get content in there, while some players clearly wish to share their political views. Seeking"hub," for example, yields clothing items with a riff on the PornHub emblem. Other players are less subtle: wearching"waifu" will show you pornographic pictures of anime characters.More worrying are the explicit references to white supremacy. Searching for"pride" at the Meret Market yields homosexual and trans pride themed items, but you will also have the ability to discover a shirt which says"Proud To Be White," using the label"WhitePower."

One player who desired to remain anonymous told Kotaku which they've seen items such as this about the Meret Market because the game launch. "It's really overt," they stated. And the players putting up these designs for sale are rewarded using game money." On the MapleStory 2 subreddit, players have shared images of characters wearing Trump masks and MAGA hats as far back as three weeks ago.

This participant told Kotaku that they'd tried reporting the items, but nothing had occurred. "The same items are still up for sale. You still see all of them over," they said. "They might have folks working on it, but I have seen absolutely no change in anything. Items put up for sale do not have to be approved, so people can put anything up."

It's not clear who are making and downloading these items. They may be trolls. As some have claimed to have performed in other games that are online Official MapleStory 2 Wiki, they might also be genuine supremacists trying to amuse individuals. Regardless of what, it's upsetting than an impressionable kid could discover white supremacist articles in a chipper-looking game just by searching for the phrase"proud," and hopefully MapleStory 2's developers will triumph in their stated efforts to"accelerate the response time" to gamers' reports.
03-27-2019, 09:16 PM,
RE: The same items are still up for sale
Surprising to see that the edusson review sale is still on. I think we should take advantage of this opportunity and will buy some more items from here. So hurry up guys before t gets over.

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