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MapleStory's endgame material has always
01-18-2019, 01:28 PM,
MapleStory's endgame material has always
But that's finally changed.In an update that arrived in Korean MapleStory in summer time and is now finally launching in MapleStory globally, players get to band together to combat the property's biggest evil, and this time he is here in person. The fight begins Maple story M Mesos after you complete a long series of quests and defeat several of the Black Mage's underlings. Once that is complete, you can visit the Black Mage in a limited-time dungeon you'll be able to enter for 15 minutes at a time, every two hours. In true MapleStory fashion, you never really get a good look at the guy's face, and he stays hidden behind a huge hood.

Upon entering, you may discover that you do absolutely zero damage to the Dark Mage. That's because the boss' health points are in fact shared across all MapleStory servers along with all gamers, which means you can't kill him in a single battle. The final phase will likely arrive following year. When he's finally conquered, his pure form will appear in a new narrative that has yet to be viewed.

MapleStory's endgame material has always been pretty exclusive, requiring you to be exceptionally high level and well-equipped to resist the last bosses. The Black Mage is no exception, requiring you to be at least level 200 and possess good weapons and armor. Beyond this, you will also need a lot of mechanisms to dodge a full map of chains, lasers, meteors, and other strikes. MapleStory bosses often call for a lot of practice, coordinated voice communication between players, and a great deal of power to keep trying.

After playing this game intermittently between elementary school, middle school, faculty, and now, I finally get to see that the big bad behind the game that has been destroying every non-playable character's life for so many years. It is pretty satisfying to get to Maplestory 2 Mesos buy utilize my abilities . He also states some menacing lines while assaulting, so it's more interaction than players have ever gotten. For so long, the Black Mage has been at the heart of MapleStory and there's a way to eliminate him, it seems like the end of a very long saga, which is fitting now that the movie's been launched.

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