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01-12-2019, 02:08 PM,
Up to 8% off rs 3 gold for hot Sale& RuneScape Player Gallery Until Jan.14!Ready?
I haven been able to harvest again. Nor my alt, and she really should have bee able to.I wish we had cheap runescape gold more definite info =/ 1 point  submitted 2 months agoYou can feed it to any animal that is already at the max attractiveness. I gave a sweet one to an adolescent just to test it bc he wasn maxed out yet. He was able to eat it and it boosted him up +10 attractiveness.
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There are some lower (lvl 90) spots on The Islands That Once Were Turtles and also on Goshima. I keep the blushrooms (on uncharted. I think the most common on the other islands is Wushroom) for the farm and cut and sell everything else for chimes.I hope you can do it (boostable with garden pie??) bc the other types would be way too expensive or a pain, as you said.PS.
I also agree about the Arc being far from dead content. The xp is pretty great on the uncharted islands for a few things. 2 points  submitted 2 months agoIt very confusing. I was able to get some last night after putting in stuff earlier in the day. It made me think it was just a several hour thing, but then I hadn been able to harvest any more since. I thought ok.
so then it was probably a thing happens at reset. Nope, didn get more at reset either. So now I just totally lost at to the timing of it =(My alt did the same as me and she was never able to harvest any, even when I did the first time. Can you fail at it being produced?And you don collect it like you do for the regular honeycomb. It not right click and take.
You left click and "check" the hive. Instead of the interface opening to deposit the flowers like it did initially, it will now ask if you want to harvest the honey. Yes you do.Marigold = Delicious (bright yellow) increases happinessSnape = Sweet (pink) increases attractivenessWoad = Medicinal (red) increases healthI didn get to harvest nasturtiums or rosemary yet,
 but I will take a guess and say they increase weight and speed, or you might be able add it to milk and feed to them bc Mod Raven mentioned a special milk being used to help increase their health and happiness.Edit: the increase seems to be +10 1 point  submitted 2 months agoYou don get special honey the same way you get the regular. The regular is right click take. Hi!A Professional Game Online Selling Store-RSorder  Share you Up to 8% off Runescape 07 gold&Cheap RS gold&More Until  Jan.14!Buy Now from
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