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The crux of your build stays the same
08-04-2018, 05:20 PM,
The crux of your build stays the same
The crux of your build stays the same, no poe currency matter which route you decide to take. For the weapon, you will obviously need a Windripper. Windripper is not an incredibly strong bow, as far as meta bows go. But, as we have discussed, with it allows you to have a much greater gain through the IQ on it. As for an amulet, you're going to be using a Bisco's Collar. It is hard to get away from utilizing Bisco's at the best of times, so in an IQ build it's unavoidable.

If that's too pricey for you, a Starkonja can get the job done as well. Within this league I feel that Stygian Vise, plus a strong Abyss jewel, is better than Headhunter, so get one of those as well. For your quiver you have the choice between having a strong rare quiver (possibly a +2 arrows Shaped quiver), or a Rigwald's Quills. Personally, I don't noticed the demand for Rigwalds, like I don't have any difficulty killing mobs. I favor having a strong rare quiver for much more single target damage. To your boots, utilize corrupted Darkray Vectors to add +1 to maximum trend charges.

Last, utilize two Ventor's Gambles to fill out all your extra resistances, in addition to increased volume. Greater rarity on the Ventors does not really matter, it's fine if it's reduced, provided that the other stats are still great. Number will obviously be your most desirable stat, however you still need to hit 75% of resists. For Jewels, use the new Abyss jewels with increased flat elemental damage to both attacks and bow attacks. Ensure that each and every jewel includes a critical strike multiplier onto it, as that is going to be your biggest boost. Feel free to fill out them together with lifestyle and resists as needed.

If you don't mind sometimes dying, and only want the maximum loot possible, this is the build for you. Use Queen of the Forest because your body, as well as the items listed above. This will give you quite a few resists, a bit of life, and with our build, a whole lot of speed. With Queen you'll want to run Grace too. Between that and a Jade flask you'll be insanely fast.

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