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The 1st God of the World Cup will make Brazil feel a sweat. The first person in 52 ye
07-03-2018, 07:35 PM,
The 1st God of the World Cup will make Brazil feel a sweat. The first person in 52 ye
Mexico played against Brazil, and although they eventually lost the game Air Max 98 Homme 0-2, their goalkeeper Ochoa could still head to the World Cup.

In this game, Ochoa showed his skill from the 5th minute of the game. At the time, Paulinho had a long shot from the ball in the middle of the field and Ochoa struggled to save the ball. In the 25th minute, Neymar swayed Ayala and Layun from the left side of the restricted area Yeezy 350 V2 Beluga and shot a small angle. Ochoa blocked the ball with his elbow. Subsequently, Jesús's two consecutive shots were blocked by Ochoa.

Throughout the first half, Ochoa made eight successful saves, and the Mexican team's door was not broken by the Brazilian team. As of the end of the first half, Ochoa became the first goalkeeper to make 20 successful saves in this World Cup. Not only that, he also became the first Mexican goalkeeper to save 20 times since the introduction of technical statistics in the World Cup in 1966. At this moment, he created the history of the Mexican team.

In the second half, Ochoa continued to play bravely. The efforts of Coutinho, Paulinho and William have been resolved by Ochoa. Even with Brazil's last goal, Ochoa still hit the ball after passing the ball in Neymar. In the whole game, he made 13 successful saves, and his number of saves Air VaporMax Plus Noir in this World Cup reached 25 times. In the last two World Cups, only Howard (27) in the last US was more brave than him.

Four years ago, Ochoa became a nightmare for the Brazilian team. His high resistance, so that the host Brazil can only cross the ball with the Mexican team. Today, in the face of a stronger and balanced Brazilian team, he can do nothing. After the game, he generously congratulated his opponent: "I want to congratulate Brazil, they are stronger than us, create threats for us, and always look for opportunities to score."

As early as 2006, Ochoa represented the Mexican team in the World Cup, but at the time he was only 20 years old, he did not get a chance to play. In the World Cup in South Africa, he could have appeared in the World Cup, but then coach Aguirre chose the more experienced Oscar Perez as the main Off White Nike Air Presto goalkeeper. In 2014, the World Cup in Brazil made people really know Ochoa. Today, with the Mexican team out of the game, Ochoa's World Cup trip has come to an end. After 4 years in the Qatar World Cup, will the 37-year-old Ochoa appear again in front of the Mexican team? In any case, his brave saver and personalized hairstyle will become part of the memory of the World Cup.

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