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married soon David Sharpe Raiders Jersey
06-11-2018, 04:47 PM,
married soon David Sharpe Raiders Jersey
The comfort zone is the place we usually inhabit because it's Giorgio Tavecchio Raiders Jersey , well, comfortable.

It's not only comfortable, it's safe, familiar Marquel Lee Raiders Jersey , re-assuring, non-threatening and so on. No wonder we don't like going out of it.

Outside of the comfort zone is the stretch zone. This is where we're faced with challenges which we know we'll dislike doing but will get a buzz from having achieved them. We're both intimidated and excited at the same time about doing them. The heart rate is raised and we're slightly pre-occupied with the forthcoming challenge.

Outside of the stretch zone is the panic zone. This is the place we've tried to avoid for most of our lives. We know there are some things we just aren't up to doing and the mere thought of having to try and do them sends us into a spin. The heart is now thumping and we are totally pre-occupied with what we have to face. We wake in the night in a cold sweat and everything else in our lives is put on hold while we prepare ourselves for the challenge, or even try to find ways to get out of it.

So, those are the three zones but we have to bear in mind that they mean different things to different people. How come? Surely Jared Cook Raiders Jersey , we can all cope with something as non-threatening as sitting watching TV and we would all be panicked by being in an aircraft with engine trouble?

Certainly, those examples would be true but if I was to suggest to you that you had to swim 800 meters in open water, what would your reaction be?

If you're a competent swimmer then you'd be in your comfort zone. If you're able to swim but
are used to just a few lengths of the local pool then, you'd feel stretched. If however NaVorro Bowman Raiders Jersey , you can't swim or can only manage a few strokes, you'd immediately be in your panic zone.

As another example, take public speaking. I tell you that you have to give a speech to 100 people you don't know tomorrow.

If you're an accommplished speaker, you'll be ok with that but if like most people Marshall Newhouse Raiders Jersey , you dread the thought of ever having to do that, then the next 24 hours would be interesting wouldn't they?

Part of a life-coach's skills is determining which zone your client is in when committing to actions in order to achieve the goal.

If the action doesn't take them from their comfort zone, then there probably isn't enough motivation for them to achieve much. If on the other hand they are taken straight into panic zone, they might never be able to move forward and the coaching momentum grinds to a halt.

It's my belief that good progress through life-coaching can best be achieved by getting your client to commit to actions which take them into their stretch zone. Not only will they be moving closer to their goal but their self-confidence will be going through the roof as each challenge is met and dealt with.

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Gift

Author: Mike Allen

Im sure we have all been in a position where we have been invited to a wedding for a close friend and have no idea what the perfect wedding gift might be. Its not always clear what each couple might need Mario Edwards Jr Raiders Jersey , so here are a few tips to help you find a gift that will have personal meaning and will provide your friends with something that they can actually use.

Use the registry list. Most couples when getting married will have taken a few steps to help those who will be attending their wedding find gifts that they will need to get started with life. For couples who are young and have not been down the marriage route, their list might be pretty extensive. Ranging from kitchen materials to bathroom supplies, their list could provide you with more than enough choices to find something especially for them.

Understand their personalities. If you know the couple well enough you wont have a problem finding them a gift that matches their personalities. This is important because everyone who has traveled down the road of marriage received a gift that had nothing to do with the style you were going after. A gift that seemed like it had been purchased with someone else in mind. It doesnt have to be something extravagant, but rather something simple that goes along with the style your friends have in mind.

Keep it simple. Just because your best friend is getting married Karl Joseph Raiders Jersey , doesnt mean you have to provide the world for them. It is very easy to think that the amount you spend represents how you feel about these individuals. That isnt always the case, in fact providing your friends with something that carries sentimental value and brings back memories of the past might just do the trick. This is a way for you to give a gift from the heart, rather than from you wallet.

Have fun with it. When you are out shopping for the perfect wedding gift, enjoy the experience. You are already doing something by being out there shopping for them. You are spending time thinking of how you can make them happy and give them your best wishes in their journey of marriage.

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