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Magebot not healing or doing anything
10-29-2017, 01:06 AM,
Sad  Magebot not healing or doing anything

I bought Magebot and have fully registered client. The "show mana" and "light hack" both work, but the healing doesn't work and also autohur doesnt work. I get a message saying that it is "Restoring mana to 80 using gmana MP potions", but it doesn't use any potions.

I disabled UAC but still doesn't heal.

I am on Windows 10.

Thank you
03-15-2018, 09:47 PM,
RE: Magebot not healing or doing anything
this problem is anoying me... exactly the same problem in here... after years using magebot with my key, since 3 days ago, I can't use anything... actually, light hack and click re-use works... Tried a lot of different methods, like disabling UAC (Automaticallys when I install windows, always I disable UAC) and it dont work for anything...

windows 8 64 bits in here

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