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items list (bp 2 not stack and bp 3 stacks and creatures products)
08-21-2017, 11:13 AM,
Wink  items list (bp 2 not stack and bp 3 stacks and creatures products)
2870;29//Grey Backpack//29 means open it like a bag;469
813;2//terra boots ---------- boots -----------
818;2//magma boots
819;2//glacier shoes
820;2//lightning boots
3079;2//boots of haste
3246;2//boots of waterwalking
3549;2//pair of soft boots
3550;2//patched boots
3554;2//steel boots
3555;2//golden boots
4033;2//draken boots
6529;2//pair of soft boots
6530;2//worn soft boots
9017;2//coconut shoes
9018;2//firewalker boots
9019;2//firewalker boots
9020;2//worn firewalker boots
10200;2//crystal boots
10201;2//dragon scale boots
10323;2//guardian boots
10386;2//Zaoan shoes
13997;2//depth calcei
16112;2//prismatic boots
19374;2//vampire silk slippers
21169;2//metal spats
896;2//Firferlanz ---------- Decorations ----------
895;2//jester staff
902;2//marlin trophy
903;2//badger fur
2993;2//teddy bear
3001;2//bear doll
3002;2//voodoo doll
3068;2//crystal wand
3076;2//crystal ball
3209;2//voodoo doll
3213;2//annihilation bear
3215;2//phoenix egg
3242;2//stuffed bunny
3734;2//blood herb
5080;2//panda teddy
5668;2//mysterious voodoo skull
5791;2//stuffed dragon
5810;2//pirate voodoo doll
6491;2//bat decoration
6511;2//santa doll
6525;2//skeleton decoration
6566;2//stuffed dragon
6567;2//santa doll
6568;2//panda teddy
7183;2//baby seal doll
7184;2//baby seal doll
7393;2//demon trophy
7394;2//wolf trophy
7395;2//orc trophy
7396;2//behemoth trophy
7397;2//deer trophy
7398;2//cyclops trophy
7399;2//dragon lord trophy
7400;2//lion trophy
7401;2//minotaur trophy
8178;2//toy spider
8179;2//toy spider
8191;2//vampire doll
8531;2//blood goblet
8532;2//blood skull
8778;2//jester doll
8923;2//velvet tapestry
9027;2//crystal of focus
9028;2//crystal of balance
9045;2//royal tapestry
9046;2//silky tapestry
9056;2//black skull
9063;2//crystal pedestal
9064;2//crystal pedestal
9065;2//crystal pedestal
9066;2//crystal pedestal
9067;2//crystal of power
9068;2//yalahari figurine
9389;2//fan doll of King Tibianus
9613;2//sea serpent trophy
10244;2//bonebeast trophy
10290;2//mini mummy
10294;2//stuffed toad
10338;2//santa teddy
10339;2//snowman doll
10347;2//dragon tapestry
10398;2//draken trophy
10419;2//lizard trophy
10421;2//disgusting trophy
11679;2//souleater trophy
11694;2//snake god trophy
11695;2//black jade cobra
12482;2//hieroglyph banner
12483;2//pharaoh banner
12570;2//fan doll of Queen Eloise
12571;2//fan doll of Queen Eloise
12617;2//torn teddy
14222;2//trophy of Obujos
14223;2//trophy of Tanjis
14224;2//trophy of Jaul
17825;2//rat god doll
18327;2//jade Zaoan queen
18328;2//jade Zaoan king
18329;2//jade Zaoan bishop
18330;2//jade Zaoan knight
18331;2//jade Zaoan rook
18332;2//jade Zaoan pawn
18333;2//obsidian Zaoan queen
18334;2//obsidian Zaoan king
18335;2//obsidian Zaoan bishop
18336;2//obsidian Zaoan knight
18337;2//obsidian Zaoan rook
18338;2//obsidian Zaoan pawn
19365;2//trapped lightning
19369;2//eye of the storm
19371;2//glass of goo
20277;2//psychedelic tapestry
20278;2//demonic tapestry
20279;2//eye pod
20280;2//nightmare beacon
20281;2//nightmare beacon
20282;2//nightmare hook
20308;2//frazzlemaw santa
20309;2//leaf golem santa
20311;2//snow globe
20312;2//snow globe
20315;2//snow flake tapestry
20350;2//cake tapestry
21218;2//Lisa's doll
3249;2//frozen starlight ---------- tools ----------
5908;2//obsidian knife
5941;2//wooden stake
5942;2//blessed wooden stake
5908;2//obsidian knife
5941;2//wooden stake
5942;2//blessed wooden stake
9594;2//sneaky stabber of eliteness
9595;2//sneaky stabber of eliteness
9596;2//squeezing gear of girlpower
9597;2//squeezing gear of girlpower
9598;2//whacking driller of fate
9599;2//whacking driller of fate
16101;2//muck remover
21217;2//green light
3148;2//destroy field rune --------- runes ----------
3149;2//energy bomb rune
3155;2//sudden death rune
3156;2//wild growth rune
3158;2//icicle rune
3160;2//ultimate healing rune
3161;2//avalanche rune
3165;2//paralyse rune
3166;2//energy wall rune
3173;2//poison bomb rune
3175;2//stone shower rune
3176;2//poison wall rune
3178;2//chameleon rune
3179;2//stalagmite rune
3180;2//magic wall rune
3191;2//great fireball rune
3192;2//fire bomb rune
3198;2//heavy magic missile rune
3200;2//explosion rune
3202;2//thunderstorm rune
349;2//suspicious signet ring --------- rings ----------
907;2//shapeshifter ring
3006;2//ring of the sky
3048;2//might ring
3049;2//stealth ring
3052;2//life ring
3053;2//time ring
3063;2//gold ring
3097;2//dwarven ring
3098;2//ring of healing
3245;2//ring of wishes
6299;2//death ring
9394;2//claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'
12669;2//star ring
12737;2//broken ring of ending
16114;2//prismatic ring
20182;2//ring of ending
811;2//terra mantle --------- armor ----------
824;2//glacier robe
825;2//lightning robe
826;2//magma coat
3357;0//plate armor
3360;2//golden armor
3366;2//magic plate armor
3370;2//knight armor
3381;2//crown armor
3386;2//dragon scale mail
3388;2//demon armor
3394;2//amazon armor
3397;2//dwarven armor
3404;2//leopard armor
3567;2//blue robe
3570;2//ball gown
4836;2//spectral dress
7463;2//mammoth fur cape
7993;2//witchhunter's coat
8037;2//dark lord's cape
8038;2//robe of the ice queen
8039;2//dragon robe
8040;2//velvet mantle
8041;2//greenwood coat
8043;2//focus cape
8045;2//hibiscus dress
8046;2//summer dress
8049;2//lavos armor
8050;2//crystalline armor
8051;2//voltage armor
8052;2//swamplair armor
8053;2//fireborn giant armor
8054;2//earthborn titan armor
8055;2//windborn colossus armor
8056;2//oceanborn leviathan armor
8057;2//divine plate
8058;2//molten plate
8059;2//frozen plate
8060;2//master archer's armor
8061;2//skullcracker armor
8062;2//robe of the underworld
8063;2//paladin armor
8064;2//ethno coat
8862;2//yalahari armor
9015;2//flower dress
9379;2//heavy metal t-shirt
10384;2//Zaoan armor
10438;2//spellweaver's robe
10439;2//Zaoan robe
11651;2//elite draken mail
11686;2//royal draken mail
11687;2//royal scale robe
11701;2//old cape
13993;2//ornate chestplate
13994;2//depth lorica
14086;2//calopteryx cape
16105;2//gill coat
16110;2//prismatic armor
19358;2//albino plate
19372;2//goo shell
19391;2//furious frock
21164;2//glooth cape
21166;2//mooh'tah plate
21167;2//heat core
14758;2//premium scroll --------- special items ----------
3414;2//mastermind shield --------- shields ----------
3416;2//dragon shield
3417;2//shield of honour
3418;2//bonelord shield
3419;2//crown shield
3420;2//demon shield
3422;2//great shield
3423;2//blessed shield
3424;2//ornamented shield
3427;2//rose shield
3428;2//tower shield
3434;2//vampire shield
3435;2//castle shield
3436;2//medusa shield
3437;2//amazon shield
3438;2//eagle shield
3439;2//phoenix shield
3440;2//scarab shield
3442;2//tempest shield
6390;2//nightmare shield
6432;2//necromancer shield
7460;2//norse shield
8072;2//spellbook of enlightenment
8073;2//spellbook of warding
8074;2//spellbook of mind control
8075;2//spellbook of lost souls
8076;2//spellscroll of prophecies
8077;2//rainbow shield
8078;2//fiery rainbow shield
8079;2//icy rainbow shield
8080;2//sparking rainbow shield
8081;2//terran rainbow shield
8090;2//spellbook of dark mysteries
9372;2//meat shield
9377;2//shield of the white knight
9380;2//shield of care
9401;2//the shield Nevermourn
9447;2//the shield Nevermourn
11688;2//shield of corruption
11691;2//snake god's wristguard
13998;2//depth scutum
14000;2//ornate shield
14042;2//warrior's shield
14088;2//carapace shield
14769;2//spellbook of ancient arcana
16107;2//spellbook of vigilance
16116;2//prismatic shield
19363;2//runic ice shield
19373;2//haunted mirror piece
20088;2//crude umbral spellbook
20089;2//umbral spellbook
20090;2//umbral master spellbook
21175;2//mino shield
2478;2//treasure chest --------- containers ----------
3244;2//old and used backpack
3253;2//backpack of holding
5801;2//jewelled backpack
6505;2//christmas present
6509;2//christmas present
6510;2//christmas present
9601;2//demon backpack
9604;2//moon backpack
9605;2//crown backpack
10202;2//heart backpack
10326;2//dragon backpack
10327;2//minotaur backpack
10346;2//santa backpack
14248;2//deepling backpack
14249;2//buggy backpack
14674;2//anniversary backpack
16099;2//mushroom backpack
16100;2//crystal backpack
18339;2//Zaoan chess box
19159;2//pannier backpack
21295;2//glooth backpack
919;2//hallowed axe--------- axe weapons ----------
3302;2//dragon lance
3303;2//great axe
3313;2//obsidian lance
3318;2//knight axe
3319;2//stonecutter axe
3320;2//fire axe
3331;2//ravager's axe
3335;2//twin axe
3342;2//war axe
3344;2//beastslayer axe
6553;2//ruthless axe
7388;2//vile axe
7389;2//heroic axe
7411;2//ornamented axe
7412;2//butcher's axe
7413;2//titan axe
7419;2//dreaded cleaver
7420;2//reaper's axe
7434;2//royal axe
7436;2//angelic axe
7454;2//glorious axe
7455;2//mythril axe
7456;2//noble axe
8096;2//hellforged axe
8097;2//solar axe
8098;2//demonwing axe
9384;2//scythe of the reaper
9386;2//farmer's avenger
12683;2//heavy trident
13991;2//deepling axe
14040;2//warrior's axe
14043;2//guardian axe
14089;2//hive scythe
16161;2//crystalline axe
20070;2//crude umbral axe
20071;2//umbral axe
20072;2//umbral master axe
20073;2//crude umbral chopper
20074;2//umbral chopper
20075;2//umbral master chopper
21174;2//mino lance
21176;2//execowtioner axe
21180;2//glooth axe
860;2//crimson sword --------- sword weapons ----------
3278;2//magic longsword
3280;2//fire sword
3281;2//giant sword
3284;2//ice rapier
3288;2//magic sword
3296;2//warlord sword
3334;2//pharaoh sword
3339;2//djinn blade
6527;2//the avenger
7382;2//demonrage sword
7383;2//relic sword
7384;2//mystic blade
7386;2//mercenary sword
7390;2//the justice seeker
7391;2//thaian sword
7402;2//dragon slayer
7404;2//assassin dagger
7405;2//havoc blade
7406;2//blacksteel sword
7407;2//haunted blade
7408;2//wyvern fang
7416;2//bloody edge
7417;2//runed sword
7418;2//nightmare blade
7449;2//crystal sword
7774;2//jagged sword
8102;2//emerald sword
8103;2//the epiphany
8104;2//the calamity
9375;2//pointed rabbitslayer
9387;2//poet's fencing quill
9396;2//incredible mumpiz slayer
10390;2//Zaoan sword
10392;2//twin hooks
11693;2//blade of corruption
16160;2//crystalline sword
16175;2//shiny blade
20064;2//crude umbral blade
20065;2//umbral blade
20066;2//umbral masterblade
20067;2//crude umbral slayer
20068;2//umbral slayer
20069;2//umbral master slayer
21179;2//glooth blade
940;2//natural soil --------- others ----------
941;2//glimmering soil
943;2//holy soil
944;2//iced soil
945;2//energy soil
946;2//eternal flames
947;2//mother soil
6087;2//music sheet
6088;2//music sheet
6089;2//music sheet
6090;2//music sheet
5958;2//winning lottery ticket
7441;2//ice cube
7442;2//ice cube
7444;2//ice cube
7445;2//ice cube
7446;2//ice mammoth
7527;2//jewel case
16252;2//gnomish voucher type MB
16253;2//gnomish voucher type MA1
16254;2//gnomish voucher type MA2
16255;2//gnomish voucher type CB
16256;2//gnomish voucher type CA1
16257;2//gnomish voucher type CA2
16128;2//minor crystalline token
16129;2//major crystalline token
20264;2//unrealized dream
20270;2//silver prison key
20271;2//copper prison key
20272;2//bronze prison key
20273;2//golden prison key
21203;2//glooth bag
3309;2//thunder hammer --------- clubs weapons ----------
3322;2//dragon hammer
3324;2//skull staff
3332;2//hammer of wrath
3333;2//crystal mace
3340;2//heavy mace
3341;2//arcane staff
3343;2//lich staff
7387;2//diamond sceptre
7392;2//orcish maul
7409;2//northern star
7410;2//queen's sceptre
7414;2//abyss hammer
7415;2//cranial basher
7421;2//onyx flail
7422;2//jade hammer
7424;2//lunar staff
7426;2//amber staff
7427;2//chaos mace
7429;2//blessed sceptre
7430;2//dragonbone staff
7437;2//sapphire hammer
7450;2//hammer of prophecy
7451;2//shadow sceptre
7452;2//spiked squelcher
8099;2//dark trinity mace
8100;2//obsidian truncheon
8101;2//the stomper
9373;2//glutton's mace
9376;2//stale bread of ancientness
9385;2//club of the fury
11692;2//snake god's sceptre
13987;2//deepling staff
14001;2//ornate mace
14250;2//deepling squelcher
16162;2//mycological mace
17813;2//life preserver
17824;2//swampling club
17828;2//pair of iron fists
20076;2//crude umbral mace
20077;2//umbral mace
20078;2//umbral master mace
20079;2//crude umbral hammer
20080;2//umbral hammer
20081;2//umbral master hammer
21171;2//metal bat
21172;2//glooth whip
21173;2//moohtant cudgel
21178;2//glooth club
21219;2//one hit wonder
645;2//blue legs --------- legs ----------
812;2//terra legs
821;2//magma legs
822;2//lightning legs
823;2//glacier kilt
3363;2//dragon scale legs
3364;2//golden legs
3371;2//knight legs
3382;2//crown legs
3389;2//demon legs
3398;2//dwarven legs
3560;2//bast skirt
7464;2//mammoth fur shorts
8863;2//yalahari leg piece
9014;2//leaf legs
9383;2//trousers of the ancients
10387;2//Zaoan legs
13996;2//depth ocrea
13999;2//ornate legs
14087;2//grasshopper legs
16106;2//gill legs
16111;2//prismatic legs
19366;2//icy culotte
21168;2//alloy legs
281;3//giant shimmering pearl --------- valuables/criatures parts ----------
282;3//giant shimmering pearl
768;2//document of the follower
769;2//document of the officer
770;2//document of the leader
2848;2//purple tome
2849;2//green tome
2850;2//blue tome
2851;2//grey tome
2852;2//red tome
3020;2//some golden fruits
3023;2//holy scarab
3024;2//holy falcon
3026;3//white pearl
3027;3//black pearl
3028;3//small diamond
3029;3//small sapphire
3030;3//small ruby
3032;3//small emerald
3033;3//small amethyst
3036;2//violet gem
3037;2//yellow gem
3038;2//green gem
3039;2//red gem
3040;2//gold nugget
3041;2//blue gem
3042;3//scarab coin
3061;3//life crystal
3997;3//Tibiora's box
4010;3//Tibiora's box
4061;3//stone of wisdom
4065;3//statue of Devovorga
4115;2//phoenix statue
5021;3//orichalcum pearl
5804;2//nose ring
5808;3//orshabaal's brain
5809;3//soul stone
5875;3//sniper gloves
5876;3//lizard leather
5877;3//green dragon leather
5878;3//minotaur leather
5879;3//spider silk
5880;3//iron ore
5881;3//lizard scale
5882;3//red dragon scale
5883;3//ape fur
5884;2//spirit container
5885;2//flask of warrior's sweat
5886;3//spool of yarn
5887;2//piece of royal steel
5888;2//piece of hell steel
5889;2//piece of draconian steel
5890;3//chicken feather
5891;3//enchanted chicken wing
5892;2//huge chunk of crude iron
5893;3//perfect behemoth fang
5894;3//bat wing
5895;3//fish fin
5896;3//bear paw
5897;3//wolf paw
5898;3//bonelord eye
5899;3//turtle shell
5900;3//dwarven beard
5903;2//Ferumbras' hat
5904;3//magic sulphur
5905;3//vampire dust
5906;3//demon dust
5909;3//white piece of cloth
5910;3//green piece of cloth
5911;3//red piece of cloth
5912;3//blue piece of cloth
5913;3//brown piece of cloth
5914;3//yellow piece of cloth
5919;2//dragon claw
5920;3//green dragon scale
5921;3//heaven blossom
5922;3//holy orchid
5925;3//hardened bone
5930;3//behemoth claw
5943;3//morgaroth's heart
5944;3//soul orb
5948;3//red dragon leather
5954;3//demon horn
6098;3//eye patch
6099;2//Brutus Bloodbeard's hat
6100;2//the Lethal Lissy's shirt
6101;2//Ron the Ripper's sabre
6102;2//Deadeye Devious' eye patch
6104;2//jewel case
6126;3//peg leg
6496;3//christmas present bag
6499;3//demonic essence
6526;3//christmas token
6534;2//the Imperor's trident
6535;2//the Plasmother's remains
6536;2//Countess Sorrow's frozen tear
6537;2//Mr. Punish's handcuffs
6539;2//the Handmaiden's protector
6540;2//piece of Massacre's shell
6546;2//Dracola's eye
6570;3//surprise bag
6571;3//surprise bag
7786;3//orc tusk
8148;2//golden falcon
8149;3//Tibiacity Encyclopedia
8153;3//golden newspaper
8154;3//norseman doll
8157;3//norseman doll
8174;3//Tibiacity Encyclopedia
8175;3//golden falcon
8176;3//golden newspaper
8192;2//vampire lord token
8775;3//gear wheel
8779;3//the head of a jester doll
8780;2//the torso of a jester doll
8781;2//part of a jester doll
8782;2//part of a jester doll
8783;2//part of a jester doll
8784;2//part of a jester doll
8853;3//suspicious surprise bag
8896;2//rusty armor rare
8899;2//rusty legs rare
9041;2//vampiric crest
9057;3//small topaz
9058;3//gold ingot
9144;2//Epaminondas doll
9145;2//Epaminondas doll
9189;3//hand puppets
9190;3//hand puppets
9606;2//egg of The Many
9615;3//midnight shard
9631;3//scarab pincers
9632;3//ancient stone
9633;3//bloody pincers
9634;3//cobra tongue
9635;3//elvish talisman
9636;3//fiery heart
9637;3//hellhound slobber
9638;3//cultish mask
9639;3//cultish robe
9640;3//poisonous slime
9641;3//piece of scarab shell
9642;3//spooky blue eye
9644;3//wyvern talisman
9645;3//black hood
9646;3//book of prayers
9647;3//demonic skeletal hand
9652;3//witch broom
9654;3//war crystal
9655;3//gear crystal
9656;3//broken gladiator shield
9657;3//cyclops toe
9658;3//frost giant pelt
9659;3//half-eaten brain
9660;3//mystical hourglass
9661;3//frosty heart
9662;3//mutated bat ear
9663;3//piece of dead brain
9664;3//piece of hellfire armor
9665;3//wyrm scale
9666;3//sea serpent scale
9667;3//boggy dreads
9668;3//mutated rat tail
9683;3//haunted piece of wood
9684;3//tattered piece of robe
9685;3//vampire teeth
9686;3//swamp grass
9688;3//bundle of cursed straw
9689;3//bunch of troll hair
9690;3//ghostly tissue
9691;3//lion's mane
9694;3//snake skin
9802;2//friendship amulet
9803;2//friendship amulet
10196;3//orc tooth
10198;3//tribal crest
10199;3//serpent crest
10217;2//Tome of Knowledge
10227;2//nightmare doll
10272;3//crab pincers
10273;3//terrorbird beak
10276;3//elder bonelord tentacle
10277;3//bony tail
10278;3//stone wing
10279;3//piece of crocodile leather
10280;3//giant eye
10281;3//tarantula egg
10282;3//hydra head
10283;3//half-digested piece of meat
10291;3//rotten piece of cloth
10292;3//silky fur
10293;3//striped fur
10298;3//metal spike
10299;3//badger fur
10300;3//carniphila seeds
10301;3//centipede leg
10303;3//dark rosary
10304;3//hellspawn tail
10305;3//lump of earth
10306;3//essence of a bad dream
10307;3//thick fur
10308;3//mutated flesh
10309;3//strand of medusa hair
10310;3//shiny stone
10312;3//scythe leg
10313;3//winged tail
10314;3//nettle blossom
10315;3//sulphurous stone
10316;3//unholy bone
10317;3//werewolf fur
10318;3//warwolf fur
10320;3//book of necromantic rituals
10321;3//mammoth tusk
10341;2//phoenix charm
10342;2//unity charm
10343;2//spiritual charm
10344;2//twin sun charm
10345;2//solitude charm
10397;3//weaver's wandtip
10404;3//bone shoulderplate
10405;3//warmaster's wristguards
10407;3//shaggy tail
10408;3//spiked iron ball
10409;3//corrupted flag
10410;3//cursed shoulder spikes
10411;3//widow's mandibles
10413;3//zaogun flag
10414;3//zaogun shoulderplates
10415;3//high guard flag
10416;3//high guard shoulderplates
10417;3//legionnaire flags
10418;3//broken halberd
10420;3//petrified scream
10444;3//dragon priest's wandtip
10449;3//ghastly dragon head
10450;3//undead heart
10452;3//terramite shell
10454;3//terramite legs
10455;3//lancer beetle shell
10456;3//sandcrawler shell
10476;3//lucky clover amulet
10477;2//dragon goblet
10798;2//ferumbras doll
10799;2//ferumbras doll
10800;3//orc's jaw shredder
10801;3//orc's jaw shredder
10817;2//bag of oriental spices
10818;2//bag of oriental spices
11443;3//girlish hair decoration
11444;2//protective charm
11445;3//bamboo stick
11446;3//hair of a banshee
11447;3//battle stone
11448;3//black wool
11449;3//blood preservation
11450;3//small notebook
11451;3//broken crossbow
11452;3//broken shamanic staff
11453;3//broken helmet
11454;3//luminous orb
11455;3//cultish symbol
11456;3//dirty turban
11457;3//dragon's tail
11458;3//geomancer's robe
11463;3//geomancer's staff
11464;3//elven scouting glass
11465;3//elven astral observer
11466;3//flask of embalming fluid
11467;3//ghoul snack
11469;3//hunter's quiver
11470;3//jewelled belt
11471;3//kongra's shoulderpad
11472;3//minotaur horn
11473;3//purple robe
11475;3//necromantic robe
11476;3//nettle spit
11477;3//orcish gear
11478;3//shamanic hood
11479;3//orc leather
11480;3//skull belt
11481;3//pelvis bone
11482;3//piece of warrior armor
11483;3//piece of archer armor
11484;3//pile of grave earth
11485;3//poison spider shell
11486;3//noble turban
11487;3//quara tentacle
11488;3//quara eye
11489;3//mantassin tail
11490;3//quara pincers
11491;3//quara bone
11492;3//rope belt
11493;3//safety pin
11510;3//scroll of heroic deeds
11511;3//banana sash
11512;3//small flask of eyedrops
11513;3//small pitchfork
11514;3//colourful feather
11539;3//goblin ear
11652;3//broken key ring
11658;3//draken sulphur
11659;3//draken wristbands
11660;3//broken draken mail
11661;3//broken slicer
11666;3//tentacle piece
11671;3//eye of corruption
11672;3//tail of corruption
11673;3//scale of corruption
11680;3//lizard essence
11684;3//downy feather
11702;3//brimstone fangs
11703;3//brimstone shell
12039;3//panther head
12040;3//panther paw
12041;3//frozen heart
12042;3//frozen heart
12043;3//draken doll
12044;3//draken doll
12045;3//music box
12046;3//music box
12172;3//rabbit's foot
12260;2//hunting horn
12304;2//maxilla maximus
12305;2//tin key
12306;2//leather whip
12309;3//draptor scales
12311;2//carrot on a stick
12312;3//stampor horn
12313;3//stampor talons
12314;3//hollow stampor hoof
12316;3//cavebear skull
12317;3//giant crab pincer
12318;2//giant shrimp
12320;2//sweet smelling bait
12509;2//scorpion sceptre
12517;2//medicine pouch
12519;2//slug drug
12541;3//demonic finger
12544;3//white deer antlers
12545;3//white deer skin
12546;2//fist on a stick
12548;2//bag of apple slices
12549;2//bamboo leaves
12550;2//golden fir cone
12551;2//ominous piece of cloth
12552;2//dubious piece of cloth
12553;2//voluminous piece of cloth
12554;2//obvious piece of cloth
12555;2//ludicrous piece of cloth
12556;2//luminous piece of cloth
12557;2//shimmer swimmer
12572;2//dragon goblet
12601;2//slime mould
12730;3//eye of a deepling
12736;2//babel swimmer
12786;2//plague mask
12787;2//plague bell
12801;2//golden can of oil
12802;2//sugar oat
12809;2//The Epic Wisdom
12810;2//The Epic Wisdom
12813;2//old radio
12814;2//old radio
12904;2//dread doll
12905;2//dread doll
13844;3//ice flower seeds
14008;3//spellsinger's seal
14009;3//key to the Drowned Library
14010;3//deepling guard belt buckle
14011;3//deepling breaktime snack
14012;3//deepling warts
14017;3//deepling scales
14021;3//Jaul's Pearl
14022;3//Tanjis' Sight
14023;3//Obujos' Shell
14041;3//deepling ridge
14044;3//deepling claw
14076;3//swarmer antenna
14077;3//kollos shell
14078;3//spitter nose
14079;3//crawler head plating
14080;3//waspoid claw
14081;3//waspoid wing
14082;3//spidris mandible
14083;3//compound eye
14112;2//bar of gold
14143;2//four-leaf clover
14225;3//dung ball
14671;2//Delany's golden bug trophy
14672;2//Bolfrim's golden bug trophy
14673;2//Siramal's golden bug trophy
14682;2//Chayenne's magical key
14753;3//dung ball
14759;3//surprise nest
14760;3//mathmaster shield
14761;3//mathmaster shield
14762;3//medusa skull
14763;3//medusa skull
14764;3//doll of Durin The Almighty
14765;3//doll of Durin The Almighty
14766;3//majestic shield
14767;3//majestic shield
16119;3//blue crystal shard
16120;3//violet crystal shard
16121;3//green crystal shard
16122;3//green crystal splinter
16123;3//brown crystal splinter
16124;3//blue crystal splinter
16125;3//cyan crystal fragment
16126;3//red crystal fragment
16127;3//green crystal fragment
16130;3//magma clump
16131;3//blazing bone
16132;3//eye of a weeper
16133;3//pulverized ore
16134;3//cliff strider claw
16135;3//vein of ore
16136;2//Deathstrike's snippet
16137;3//stone nose
16138;3//crystalline spikes
16139;3//humongous chunk
16140;3//hideous chunk
16153;2//iron loadstone
16154;2//glow wine
16155;2//decorative ribbon
16205;2//Gnomevil's hat
16206;2//Abyssador's lash
16244;2//music box
16251;2//golem wrench
16262;2//dragon eye
16263;2//dragon eye
16275;3//noble sword
16276;3//noble sword
17823;3//piece of swampling wood
17826;3//lost basher's spike
17827;3//bloody dwarven beard
17830;3//bonecarving knife
17831;3//bone fetish
17847;3//wimp tooth chain
17848;3//lost husher's staff
17849;3//skull shatterer
17850;3//holy ash
17851;3//broken throwing axe
17853;3//lost bracers
17854;3//mad froth
17855;3//red hair dye
17856;3//basalt fetish
17857;3//basalt figurine
18343;3//bookworm doll
18344;3//bookworm doll
18993;3//rorc feather
18994;3//elven hoof
18996;3//rorc egg
18997;3//hatched rorc egg
19082;3//golden raid token
19083;3//silver raid token
19111;2//fir cone
19136;2//nail case
19150;2//norseman doll
19152;2//key of numerous locks
19153;2//friendship amulet
19154;2//the Mexcalibur
19155;2//orc's jaw shredder
19156;2//frozen heart
19397;2//memory box
19398;2//memory box
20062;3//cluster of solace
20063;3//dream matter
20183;3//sight of surrender's eye
20184;3//broken visor
20198;3//frazzle tongue
20199;3//frazzle skin
20200;3//silencer claws
20201;3//silencer resonating chamber
20202;3//dead weight
20203;3//trapped bad dream monster
20204;3//bowl of terror sweat
20205;3//goosebump leather
20206;3//hemp rope
20207;3//pool of chitinous glue
20274;2//nightmare horn
20275;2//dream warden claw
20276;2//dream warden mask
20355;2//melting horn
21103;3//glooth injection tube
21182;3//glob of glooth
21186;3//control unit
21193;3//metal jaw
21194;3//slime heart
21195;3//poisoned fang
21196;3//necromantic rust
21197;3//slimy leaf tentacle
21198;3//metal toe
21199;3//giant pacifier
21200;3//moohtant horn
21201;3//execowtioner mask
21202;3//mooh'tah shell
904;2//throwing cake --------- distance weapons ----------
7367;2//enchanted spear
7368;2//assassin star
7438;2//elvish bow
8021;2//modified crossbow
8022;2//chain bolter
8023;2//royal crossbow
8024;2//the devileye
8025;2//the ironworker
8026;2//warsinger bow
8027;2//composite hornbow
8028;2//Yol's bow
8029;2//silkweaver bow
8030;2//Elethriel's elemental bow
9378;2//musician's bow
14246;2//hive bow
14247;2//ornate crossbow
14768;2//thorn spitter
16163;2//crystal crossbow
16164;2//mycological bow
19356;2//triple bolt crossbow
19362;2//icicle bow
20082;2//crude umbral bow
20083;2//umbral bow
20084;2//umbral master bow
20085;2//crude umbral crossbow
20086;2//umbral crossbow
20087;2//umbral master crossbow
814;2//terra amulet --------- amulets ----------
815;2//glacier amulet
816;2//lightning pendant
817;2//magma amulet
3013;2//golden amulet
3014;2//star amulet
3015;2//silver necklace
3016;2//ruby necklace
3018;2//scarab amulet
3019;2//demonbone amulet
3021;2//sapphire amulet
3025;2//ancient amulet
3055;2//platinum amulet
3057;2//amulet of loss
3080;2//broken amulet
3081;2//stone skin amulet
3082;2//elven amulet
3102;2//paw amulet
7532;2//Koshei's ancient amulet
7754;2//Jerom's family necklace
9301;2//bonfire amulet
9302;2//sacred tree amulet
9303;2//leviathan's amulet
9304;2//shockwave amulet
10412;2//wailing widow's necklace
10457;2//beetle necklace
11468;2//ornamented brooch
12542;2//golden scorpion pendant
12543;2//golden hyena pendant
13990;2//necklace of the deep
16108;2//gill necklace
16113;2//prismatic necklace
19357;2//shrunken head necklace
21170;2//gearwheel chain
21183;2//glooth amulet
827;2//magma monocle --------- hats/helmets ----------
828;2//lightning headband
829;2//glacier mask
830;2//terra hood
875;2//mining helmet
894;2//jester hat
3022;2//ancient tiara
3210;2//hat of the mad
3226;2//damaged helmet
3229;2//helmet of the ancients
3230;2//helmet of the ancients
3365;2//golden helmet
3368;2//winged helmet
3373;2//strange helmet
3385;2//crown helmet
3387;2//demon helmet
3390;2//horned helmet
3391;2//crusader helmet
3392;2//royal helmet
3393;2//amazon helmet
3395;2//ceremonial mask
3396;2//dwarven helmet
3400;2//dragon scale helmet
3406;2//feather headdress
3407;2//charmer's tiara
3408;2//bonelord helmet
3573;2//magician hat
3574;2//mystic turban
3576;2//post officer's hat
5460;2//helmet of the deep
5741;2//skull helmet
6531;2//santa hat
6578;2//party hat
8864;2//yalahari mask
9013;2//flower wreath
9103;2//batwing hat
9374;2//odd hat
9381;2//helmet of ultimate terror
9382;2//helmet of nature
9399;2//mighty helm of green sparks
9653;2//witch hat
10385;2//Zaoan helmet
10451;2//jade hat
11585;2//helmet of the deep
11674;2//cobra crown
11689;2//elite draken helmet
11700;2//sedge hat
12599;2//mage's cap
13995;2//depth galea
14258;2//depth galea
16104;2//gill gugel
16109;2//prismatic helmet
17852;2//helmet of the lost
21165;2//rubber cap
236;3//strong health potion --------- potions ----------
237;3//strong mana potion
238;3//great mana potion
239;3//great health potion
7439;3//berserk potion
7440;3//mastermind potion
7443;3//bullseye potion
7642;3//great spirit potion
7643;3//ultimate health potion
3065;2//terra rod --------- wands/rods ----------
3067;2//hailstorm rod
3069;2//necrotic rod
3071;2//wand of inferno
3072;2//wand of decay
3073;2//wand of cosmic energy
8082;2//underworld rod
8083;2//northwind rod
8084;2//springsprout rod
8092;2//wand of starstorm
8093;2//wand of draconia
8094;2//wand of voodoo
12603;2//wand of dimensions
16096;2//wand of defiance
16115;2//wand of everblazing
16117;2//muck rod
16118;2//glacial rod
3035;1//platinum coin ------------ coins ---------------
3732;3//green mushroom

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