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a Easier way to buy magebot!
02-21-2011, 01:17 PM,
Wink  a Easier way to buy magebot!
most of you guys are looking for ppl to share keys, trade cracks and things like that.

well i find a way to make money without do nothing but clicks to some websites.

You just need to go to his link and registre
on refer put "Krix00" (if is not there). Login, then u should find "Surf Ads" at top of the page (its the second from left to right), then u must click on all page (one at the time, cause if u open more than 1 it shouldn't work) during 30 seconds. you will earn some cash every click (of curse, u can click the ads every 24 hrs).

this way u can use ur own link as refer, for example; "". if more ppl use it, u will earn more money.

this is just a idea to get a legal and without key logs and kind of stuffs.
just think about it Wink!

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