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8.57 Client Update
05-08-2010, 03:29 PM,
8.57 Client Update
Change Log:
1.The AutoCombo checkbox of the teamserver has been broken into 2 checkboxes: Combo Rune [id# or SD or P1 ect.] and Combo Attack[x]
Note: Combo attack will not stop attacking the target when the leader stops firing, you will have to manually press escape
2.A new box called Mwall Override has been added if you wish the autopotioner and MAX hotkeys to stop when you press MWALLCOMBO or select an mwall to fire
3.Show Mana[x] and Mwall Cverride[x] will save when you save settings
4.Team Chat should be more stable on some computers
5.A bug in SDNEAR has been fixed
6.A new hotkey called PING "text" has been added for people connected to the Team Server with Team Chat enabled. Simply move the mouse over a square you would like to ping and press the hotkey. You may also put the hotkey in the format PING%200% "text" where 200 is any number(1-500) and "text" is any text. The number selects the color of the text.

If you encounter any bugs please let us know here

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