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Very tiny fix - lopht - 03-02-2010

Really tiny fix for the present and unfortunately does not have alot of the features that were requested however there was a bug in the default settings for sorcs and some new users did not know about changing the autocombo rune to SD so this update should fix that.

Also a couple new hotkeys,
1.MANAFRIEND->manually manas friends on the team server up to 97%, u do NOT need potion friend chked to use this, and u must hold it down
2.DIAGONALKEYS-> turns diagonal keys on and off
3.The mwall crosshair from MWALLCOMBO overrides potioning and SDMAX/comboing, so u can use mwalls and not have them overriden by sds/manas-> please test this in case it does not work correctly

If any bugs let us know in this thread

RE: Very tiny fix - ownz - 03-02-2010

I liked the new hotkeys:


It's very usefull.

I will test the new system of MWALLCOMBO.



RE: Very tiny fix - abdiel2475 - 03-03-2010

omgeaea Big Grin eaeaea ;D ty

amm osea que el mwallcombo ya no te cambia el hotkey? F11 :o??

RE: Very tiny fix - Broneer - 03-03-2010

Rox Big Grin

RE: Very tiny fix - Hell Mage - 03-08-2010

you fixed Hold attack?

RE: Very tiny fix - Jova - 03-19-2010

Hell, if you don't want to get banned do not use that option, is f/$/&$&/% good but it's not safe,

RE: Very tiny fix - - 03-28-2010

i installed that thing man but the mw timers and the mana bar and all those things dosent put on wath can i possibli do ??

RE: Very tiny fix - lopht - 03-29-2010

If you are running the SAFEMODE version( you will notice because it has the pink letters SAFE on the icon) close that out and run the regular version. If that doesnt work, delete the C:\\Program Files\Magebot\ folder and reinstall the bot from the website

RE: Very tiny fix - Jova - 04-30-2010

Hey lopht, nice to see you again btw I'd like to suggest something like a SFENEMY I dont know if its possible to do but try it, not all is "bug" and it's why I'd like to thanks to bob&lopht for their efforts and dedication to this tool Smile

RE: Very tiny fix - BensonRoyal - 01-03-2019

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