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Edward Castronova: This is already happening. most games are multinational. i play rs07 gold regularly with people from france, korea, australia, japan. we dont necessarily know each other as such, but it comes out. what's wiered is, there's still quite a lot of public xenophobia, that has to get slapped down. some idiot will shout out in the general channel something nasty about [insert racial/ethnic group here]. and then everyone piles on about what a moron he is and how he should shut up or he will get his account banned. so this debate happens. underlying it, though, there's this norm of working together. a silly example: you can't kill a dragon without getting 60 people on the same page. ok, that's going to be a lot of diversity, and it's not like everyone is locked into some pre existing structure. so its voluntary cooperation. and it works. friendships cross the seas at that point, riding on the internet.
Dr Graham Phillips: I'm at the Deep Space Complex at Tidbinbilla just outside of Canberra, and here's where they track all the spacecraft in the solar system, right from the quite close, like the SOHO probe that's monitoring the sun, through to the most distant, Voyager I which has now passed all the planets heading towards the outer solar system.
If we cannot destroy an approaching asteroid, then the only other tactic would be to try to nudge it forward just enough to make it miss the Earth. Rather than firing a nuclear weapon directly at an asteroid, could we explode it nearby so that the blast gives the asteroid the nudge it needed to miss the Earth? For a while, scientists thought they had found a solution. But then some surprising results forced them to think again.
There was a family right next to me, at the other side of my line. Dad, right by me, kid, mom, teen, preteen. The were talking. A whole family having a conversation, several times through the movie, including the final act. Not talking, having a conversation, who is going to be who and when is everybody going to end, all aside from the movie.
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