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Small January update - lopht - 01-11-2010

1. MWALLBEHIND - new hotkey shoots an mwall behind you
2. Only Shoot party/warmode[x] - new checkbox for use with SDMAX and the enemy list
3. Smooth running[x]- makes the autoexplorer run faster
4. The current activated hotkeys will display at the top of the screen next to the magebot logo

If you find any bugs, post them in this thread

EDIT:Also i notice the otitenids.txt file was corrupted on some magebot versions so if your magebot does not loot on otserv you should replace it with a working one (such as itenids.txt)

RE: Small January update - abdiel2475 - 01-11-2010

3. Smooth running[x]- makes the autoexplorer run faster
OMG!!! I<3YOU!!!

RE: Small January update - Dan's - 01-11-2010

Thanks again ;O

RE: Small January update - evfp - 01-11-2010

thanks . by the way , you fixed ATKMAX ?

RE: Small January update - lopht - 01-11-2010

Hmm, I liked that idea we may end up adding a new hotkey called ATKCOMBO for the next update in case some people want to keep using the old ATKMAX, but it will work just like you suggested

RE: Small January update - darphas - 01-11-2010

great update
if you add autofish or something like that
i love you much more than now xd

tested this version and dont work..
not healing.. nothing works :S


now it works xd
i check the file size and it was as 1kb :S xd
maybe a bug of google chrome i redownload and works much better that old

RE: Small January update - lopht - 01-12-2010

Try downloading again and make sure its MagebotSetupvT854.exe, sometimes the download and install gets corrupted.

RE: Small January update - Jova - 01-12-2010

jajajajaja lopht, each battle makes the magebot better
Please try to create a hotckey of AUTOSF for when you're being attacked
Sometime is a little hard target player with a high speed.
Something like SF ONLY ON SKULLED

Congratulationsz for your added idea.

RE: Small January update - evfp - 01-12-2010

thanks lohpt

RE: Small January update - zarkhonx - 01-15-2010

some id items as the honeycomb

the bot dont pick up them Undecided