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In addition to stan smith femme noir - Montelongo - 07-13-2018

Vetements, a highly topical fashion brand in the last two years, has re-launched new products that look almost exactly the same as adidas Originals' classic Stan Smith.

This is not the first time Vetements has borrowed from the classics. The previous Chamipion and DHL logos are impressive. The three color schemes are all white, and the heel is decorated with green, red and blue. The high-quality leather is used to create the upper, while the hollowed out “VETEMENTS” design is the biggest eye-catching of the whole pair of shoes.
Stan Smith has always been favored by women. This time, adidas Originals brings together the delicate texture and luxurious details, bringing the newly-created adidas Originals Stan Smith “Linen”.

The body, tongue and inner lining are made of soft pale pink leather. The Stan Smith font and tongue logo on the side are complemented by hot gold. The soft and stan smith femme noir gorgeous atmosphere is created. I am afraid the goddess can't ignore it.
With the increase in the style and number of sneakers, many players are choosing shoes.

In addition to paying attention to the appearance and feelings, the smooth wear and tear experience is also worthy of concern!

What I want to say today is the zipper design element in the sneakers.

Although this is no longer a fresh design, it is the best way to improve happiness!
Injecting zipper settings into the details of the body has become a popular conscience design and there is a tendency to continue to upgrade!

Whether it's the new king of the sneakers, Yeezy 750 Boost, this year's strong Nike SF-AF1 Mid, and "Big Eyes" Flight Bonafide.

Because of the zipper element's blessing, it effectively solves the common problem of wearing shoes in the traditional high-top shoes for 5 minutes, taking off the shoes for 10 minutes, and the friendship is instantly improved!