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The recent sneaker Air Max 270 Femme - Montelongo - 07-13-2018

With the oversized Nike Air Max 270, it has received a lot of attention once it's released, and now comes with an upgraded version!

Based on the Air Max 270, Nike upgrades the upper to Flyknit woven material to enhance the overall package and comfort of the upper. The details are embellished with the eye-catching Swoosh Logo and the “Air 270” print for a more eye-catching look.
This year, Nike, based on the Air Max 270, launched the highly functional Air Force 270, which recently brought a new pair of color schemes.

The new color scheme is quite sci-fi temperament, with purple and dark green embellishment under the black and white body. The unique strap design also has Air Max 270 Femme white graffiti print, suede, nylon and other materials to create the upper, and the heel 3M material. AIR FORCE 270” is striking in the dark.
In March last year, Wang Junkai was invited by Nike to attend the Air Max Day celebrations at the US headquarters. After a year, the pair of shoes designed by Wang Junkai personally participated in the design. Air Max Zero “WJK” finally took the lead in the Chinese region tomorrow!
The tie-dyed upper and liquid silver are used to construct the body of the shoe. The graffiti-inspired midsole is full of temperament, and the heel is marked with the “JK” letter, which highlights the exclusive identity designed by Wang Junkai!
The recent sneaker market price has soared, not only because of the dazzling number of heavy sneakers, but also because everyone is buying and buying!

However, there is a clear stream in so many new shoes, their market prices are around 1,000 yuan, and each pair of shoes has a unique personality design elements, is definitely the most cost-effective leader in recent shoes.
Air Max 98 QS “Cone”
Article number: 924462-800
Offer price: ¥1199
Market price: ¥1000 or so (42.5 yards)
Air Max 98 is bound to become one of the retro sneakers of this year's fire, although the popularity of the high color matching is very difficult to start, but this pair of colorful and beautiful color is indeed a very good choice, the color of the retro style is bound to be low-key!