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World Cup - Neymar Pass Brazil 2-0 wins Mexico to advance to the top 8 - LonKaner - 07-03-2018

In the fifth game of the 1/8 final of the 2018 World Cup, the competition was held in the Samara Arena. Brazil won 2-0 in Mexico, Neymar passed the ball, and Fermino played the bench and Brazil reached the top 8.

This is the fifth time the two teams have played in the World Cup. Brazil has won 3 wins and 1 draw four times and has not lost the ball. The history of the two sides has fought 40 Air Max 98 Homme games, and Brazil has 23 wins, 7 draws and 10 losses. Brazil's unbeaten record won the group's top spot and looked forward to reaching the top 8 for seven consecutive years. Felipe replaced the injured Marcelo. In the last round of the Mexican group stage, the top spot was defeated. In the past eight rounds, the knockout was only advanced to the top eight in 1986. Marcos and Ayala played in rotation, especially Marcos. He became the first player to start in the 5th World Cup. It was also the first player to play in the 5th knockout.

The two sides played a fast pace after the opening, and Mexico tightened the offensive and defensive efficiency of Brazil through the whole game. Guardado left the pass and was beaten by Alyson. Losano volleyed to the right of the restricted area and was blocked by Miranda. Kasemiro passed the ball and Neymar’s shot from the restricted area was saved by Ochoa. Losano broke through Philippe and cut into the right side of the penalty area, but Hernandez missed the opportunity.

Marcos accurately shifted to the left, Bellanecche Air Max 90 Homme made a low pass, and the unguarded Herrera's edge of the penalty area was blocked by Miranda. In the 25th minute, Philippe passed the ball. Neymar faked two people and then broke into the left side of the penalty area to shoot a small angle. Ochoa closed the corner. The slanting shot of the hot ball in the free kick of Azul was blocked by Ayala, Neymar returned, Coutinho shot from the edge of the penalty area.

Neymars broke through on the left side of the restricted area and Alvarez made a beautiful tackle. Coutinho passed the ball, and the left side of the heatsup area was saved by Ochoa, and Coutinho was rescued by Salcedo in time. Alvarez is penalized for a foul on Neymar, and Neymar misses a free kick from the free kick. Before the end of the half, Philippe was also given a yellow card for fouling Bella. The A Bathing APE X Nike Air Max 270 two sides exchanged blanks in the half.

Marcos was replaced by La Yun in the second half. Neymar passed the ball and Coutinho cut into the left side of the penalty area and was saved by Ochoa. Gallardo broke through to the top left corner of the penalty area 25 yards. Brazil broke the deadlock in the 51st minute. Neymar cross-cutted several people to defend the ball and pass the ball. William broke into the left side of the penalty area. Salcedo and Ochoa blocked the point before it was unsuccessful. Neymar slashed the empty door into the net.

Leading Brazil continues to exert pressure. Kasemiro passes the ball and Neymar misses the ball 25 yards from the right. Fagna was low on the right side of the penalty area, and the unguarded Neymar was shot 12 yards by Ochoa. Philippe transferred the pass, and William's right side of the penalty area was shot by Ochoa. William broke through the pass in a row, and Neymar shot in the edge of the restricted area and hit the left column with a low shot.

When he took the ball outside the line, he stepped on Neymar, but the referee did not make a penalty after consulting the video referee. William’s 25-yard low shot on the right was confiscated. Paulinho was replaced by Fernandinho. Fermino replaced Coutinho. Brazil's 89th minute sealed the victory, Fernandinho steals direct pass, Neymar's single-handed shot from the left side of the restricted area was Air Max 270 Femme deflected by Ochoa and then deflected, followed by Fermino easily broke the empty door, 2-0.

Brazil (4-3-3): 1-Alysson; 22-Fagner, 3-Miranda, 2-Tiago-Silva, 6-Philippe; 15-Paulinho (80', 17-Fernandinho), 5-Casemiro, 11-Coutinho (86', 20-Fermino); 19-William (91', 13-Marchinos), 9-Jesus, 10-Neymar
Mexico (4-3-3): 13-Ochoa; 21-Alvarez (55',6-Dos Santos), 3-Salcedo, 2-Ayala, 23-Gali Addo; 4-Marcos (46', 7-La Cloud), 16-Ecto Herrera, 18-Guardado; 11-Bella, 14-Hernandez (60', 9- Jimenez), 22-Lossano