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Under the cover of Messi's aura, Dibala never has a day to come. - LonKaner - 07-03-2018

After France defeated Argentina with a score of 4:3, Messi’s era has gone away. No one can always be strong, because physical strength has not been allowed, after Messi lost the team’s dominance. Who can lead the Pampas eagle to continue to fly to a higher Alexander McQueen Pas Cher sky?

In the Argentine team, a new star has to be noticed, that is, Dibala, who performed well in the previous season, he scored 26 goals for Juventus, because of their high-light performance. The big giants are concerned, and Juventus will do their best to renew the contract in order to keep him in the Air Max 98 Pas Cher club. It can be said that a battle will also start with him.

There are also many outstanding players in the team. So what can a new star lead the Argentine team to go further? Although Argentina has a large number of people, but the age is around 30 years old, in the face of the next World Cup, obviously their age is Air Max 97 Pas Cher already "old age", physical strength is obviously unable to keep up, if you want to play again or take the core The power of the team will obviously lack some heat, and now the 25-year-old Di Bara is in the long-term, and now he has already shown a shine in football, and he will have more room to rise in the future. Being able to be a leader in Argentina is just around the corner.

So what are the lights that can't be ignored in Dibala? The first is that his speed and point of view are excellent, which also makes him extremely accurate when shooting, and less outrageous shots. In addition, his sense of balance is also very good, it is very Air Max 95 Pas Cher difficult for an opponent to lay down such a player with a balanced advantage. In the face of multiple enemy attacks, he can break through the encirclement and attack the ball with a high probability. Pick it up. There is also his ability to explode and the overall situation of the game, because Dibala's unique and profound overall situation, coupled with his breakthrough ability and amazing speed, make Dibala at a critical moment. The ability to reverse the situation. Because of these factors, Dibala's light is still very dazzling. But under the cover of Messi’s aura, Dibala never has a day to come.


Dibala's appearance is only 22 minutes. Regardless of the ability of Debala himself and the performance of the last 22 minutes, it is a pity that Sang Baoli did not use such a potential player Air VaporMax Pas Cher because Just after the third minute of Debra's appearance, the threat was created with a left-footed arc, which also shows that his strength cannot be ignored. And he can only end the journey of this World Cup in 22 minutes is indeed very regrettable.


Regardless of the last season's season or Air Max 97 Femme the short-term performance of this World Cup, Dibala's strength is immeasurable, and he believes that he will have more high-light performance in the future.