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8.54 Client Update (2nd EDIT) - lopht - 12-10-2009

Change Log:
1.New Box for heavy healing option added
2.Option to show mana[x]
3.Team Info[x] was changed a bit, hopefully this will fix the crashes but please let us know

If you encounter any bugs let us know in this thread

The +/- part of Level Spy has not been updated yet so we recommend you dont use

EDIT:Level Spy reenabled and a couple other things fixed, make sure you redownload and reinstall the bot from the download page, make sure you close tibia before reinstalling. The new size should be around 579Kb

1.Looter should now loot items with ids longer than 4 numbers
2.Saving Settings should save quite a few more settings, so you may need to delete your character settings in the C:\\Program Files\Magebot in order to properly reload them
3.The "If No Mana" box now accepts mana,smana,gmana,pmana and number ids as well as UH (this box used to just be for emergency UH if you did not have enough mana for medium/heavy healing spells)
4.The monster list now accepts priority 9 as do not loot and priority 99 as do not attack

RE: 8.54 Client Update - Mooki - 12-10-2009

Thankyou Sir Big Grin

RE: 8.54 Client Update - darphas - 12-10-2009

i love you bro!!

ps: i don't know how works show mana :S
is constanly changing and i never use mana pot or wasting mana :S

RE: 8.54 Client Update - Ygorzenhu - 12-10-2009

(12-10-2009, 01:10 PM)darphas Wrote: i love you bro!!

ps: i don't know how works show mana :S
is constanly changing and i never use mana pot or wasting mana :S

probaly cuz u ate somethin
anyway, the mana percent keeps under red skull or any skull i guess, would b nice if you put it a lil bit far from skulls Wink btw as far ive tested the mana percent dont gets in 100% even if ur mana r full it will stop at 99


RE: 8.54 Client Update - lopht - 12-10-2009

Yea it needs a slight adjustment for some character names

RE: 8.54 Client Update - MeTaL - 12-10-2009

oooo very fast Big Grin! ty ty!!

RE: 8.54 Client Update (EDIT) - uti - 12-10-2009

Thanks !!

RE: 8.54 Client Update (EDIT) - Dan's - 12-11-2009

Thanks lopht

RE: 8.54 Client Update (EDIT) - abdiel2475 - 12-11-2009

eaea!! Big Grin TY!!!

RE: 8.54 Client Update (EDIT) - Jova - 12-12-2009

Well, it got some bug i will tell you one
For example:
uheal 50%
When your hp get lower than 50% or the % that you pick, the bot says a spam of uheal and don't use the pot
it mutes you alot :S