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10.70 update - lopht - 12-10-2014

As always get the new one on the downloads page and post any bugs you find here

RE: 10.70 update - tryller - 12-10-2014

fast... have you fixed bot opening Oramound Creatures? and.... MB don't Auto Open Corpse if using TibiaCast

RE: 10.70 update - dzoszek - 12-11-2014

Can you fix bot, becose On DODGE i can't avoid magic wall.

RE: 10.70 update - stalinrox - 12-17-2014

I'm having trouble !!!
Hotkeys in active when an option eg (SDLAST) OR (SDMAX) is not working, check this bug
I thank you

RE: 10.70 update - prince007 - 01-06-2015

the bot works great for a certain time then it stops atacking monestes, i am a registered version, why is that happening and what can i do to avoid it?