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10.31 Update - lopht - 12-19-2013

Some new hotkeys (thanks to fantasma):
SDLOWER:when pressed will shoot sd on people ONLY ON priority 1,2,3,4.
SDHIGHER:will shoot sd on people only on priority 5 even if other priotities are on screen.
AMUFAST id,time:Loads amulets with id every (time) milliseconds, Example:AMUFAST 3081,100

As always get the new one on the downloads page and post any bugs you find here.

RE: 10.31 Update - renatodiniz - 12-19-2013

is AMUFAST available in safemod? Is full mode still midly safe?

RE: 10.31 Update - Jova - 12-19-2013

Lopht, como estas?, mira tengo un problema, sabes que lo instale y no me agarrar el dash ni nada de eso, tengo window7 y lo ejecuto como administrador y no jala :/ que puede ser? btw, nice to talk to you again

RE: 10.31 Update - Sicop - 12-26-2013

@Jova desactiva el UAC

RE: 10.31 Update :huh: - kamassary - 01-06-2014

system ip changer Magebot 10.31 is out of date, he has ip changer 10.30.