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Tibia 9.70 Update - lopht - 10-12-2012

We apologize for the wait. As always get the new one on the downloads page and post any bugs you find here

RE: Tibia 9.70 Update - ticonico - 10-12-2012

My Magebot SAFE for tibia 9.63 was working on tibia 9.70...
Why did it need an update?

RE: Tibia 9.70 Update - lopht - 10-12-2012

Although some functions still worked, others did not. So we updated both versions

RE: Tibia 9.70 Update - davis - 10-13-2012

(10-12-2012, 11:23 PM)lopht Wrote: Although some functions still worked, others did not. So we updated both versions

mb was working a few hours ago now nobody can open it.

Corrupt packet stream, check you're connection or try again. possibly you're fire wall is blocking our program. It could also be the website is overloaded, check make sure you can connect to it then try again

Same thing happening to 3 others i know, just thought this would help you fix the problem Smile

RE: Tibia 9.70 Update - hdzm15 - 10-15-2012

Ayuda el magebot no me recupera la mana, y cuando lo pongo a cavebot se queda atrapado, uso windows vista ya vi muchos tutoriales busque soluciones estoy haciendo todo bien y nada me funciona, esto me sucede desde que uso el magebot.

RE: Tibia 9.70 Update - Reich1 - 11-06-2012

Disculpen yo uso SAFEmode y el problema que tengo que tengo es que cuando estoy juntando gold, se me llena la BP que tengo configurada para que se guarde ahi y no abre la bp que sigue para seguir juntando gold y el character al final de la hunt solo me queda con 2k en gold :S que puedo hacer para solucionar esto?

RE: Tibia 9.70 Update - Souret - 11-06-2012

Fix hold attack please its f**king important for me coz enemys jump like chickens on stack and its hard to kill them without hold attack xD