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September Update - lopht - 09-12-2009

List of changes:
1.AutoLoot [x] now accepts a range (default:1)
2.AutoLoot no longer closes bodies after looting
3.Cavebot has additional Run Modes (Cave_Run Open_Run)
The difference is Cave Run tries harder not to lure more monsters at the expense of taking a few more hits (Note: all run modes only work effectively with the AutoExplorer)
4.Avoid Players[x] has been added to the Autoexplorer as well
5.SAFEMODE has been slightly improved (Note: You still must use classic control on the client. Also the looting will not function correctly if the client is not in the foreground since the bot uses the mouse to loot)
6.Several small bugs with some other features have been fixed

We have also implemented a payment system for brazilian customers using Pagseguro at It is not fully automated yet, but you should get your key within 24 hours after payment.

Please let us know in this thread if you encounter any bugs or problems

RE: September Update - Infinity - 09-12-2009

I love it when you posting what's new in the newest magebot version.

Also I want to thank you for implement my suggestion about keep bodies opened after looting.

RE: September Update - Storm - 09-12-2009

keep doing a thread for every update, its very nice to know whats new and how to use

Seems good, ill test the new run mode

RE: September Update - Sicop - 09-12-2009


RE: September Update - lopht - 09-12-2009

I made a mistake and uploaded a slightly outdated version so make sure you redownload it, if you downloaded before I made this post.

RE: September Update - Chiquito - 09-12-2009

look at your message in your private, I sent you 2 days you do not answer .. Please Look

RE: September Update - abdiel2475 - 09-13-2009

eaea rox!! <33 i<3youSmile