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Spring 3rd Update 9.52 - lopht - 04-15-2012

No real changes, get it at the download page and let us know if you find any bugs here

Also team server has been rebooted and should be back online

RE: Spring 3rd Update 9.52 - kataro - 04-15-2012

great job ;]

but i must asked. on forum other bot administrator claim that Cipsoft added a way to detect bot's by name in the windows task manager.
Is it true or false?

RE: Spring 3rd Update 9.52 - botrobot - 04-15-2012

how can i edit my lootlist?, allways when i change it and hit the safe bottom, then close the list the original list is there and all the changes that i made arent applyied

RE: Spring 3rd Update 9.52 - lopht - 04-15-2012

For the Loot List issue, make sure you save the file using Ctrl-S in notepad. If its not working you can go to the Magebot folder and edit it there.

For the Task Manager issue, I dont think so. But if you wish you can change the name of magebotv55.exe to something else, such as firefox.exe. Make sure you update the shortcut on the desktop as well (or just make a new one).