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9.31 Update - lopht - 10-21-2011

This update removes the need for tibia loader for people using Windows 7/Vista. If you experience any bugs with this release please let us know here

RE: 9.31 Update - feyka - 10-22-2011

i am having the same issue with last update is telling me a erro and the bot close i have vista in one computer and windows 7 on the other one. help me plz

RE: 9.31 Update - lopht - 10-22-2011

Hmm send me a screenshot of the error and your account email and anything else you can think of that is different about your computer by PM and Ill check into it

RE: 9.31 Update - Serovega - 10-23-2011

My magebot is still not working....
Sended u a pvt msg but no answer from u.

RE: 9.31 Update - lopht - 10-23-2011

You told me Windows Home Premium, is that Vista or 7? Also I need screenshots of the error and any additional info you can provide.

I would strongly suggest you go to a friends computer and try your key there, as you can always remove the computer using your email. That may help you to see what is going wrong.

RE: 9.31 Update - siubudubu - 10-25-2011

I have a big problem with the installer, bitwhen I run the installer error occurs / NCRC installer damaged, can this be prevented somehow? my system is windows 7 ,64

RE: 9.31 Update - lopht - 10-26-2011

Clear your browser's cache then disable any download accelerators or managers and download the installer again.

RE: 9.31 Update - siubudubu - 10-26-2011

everything works ok, thank you

RE: 9.31 Update - Serovega - 10-28-2011

still w8 for ur response! at private!!

RE: 9.31 Update - BBM - 12-12-2011

i have the problem with the changer ip is supposed is a mage bot to tibia 9.31 why ?
have 9.30

in the section of ip port :_____________ :___________ version: 9.30

.................................................. ......................................^