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8.71 Client update - lopht - 01-29-2011

1:Bug with the cureparalyze box has been fixed (knights should be able to put exura ico in the box to heal with)
2.Framerate limiter has been added(limits the client to 4 fps, if this is still too high we can expand that later as well)

We are still looking into some of the other bugs, and please let us know if you find any

RE: 8.71 Client update - Intense - 01-29-2011

Bug with healparalyse isn't fix. It's still bugged Sad Bot using only Exura to heal paralyse.

RE: 8.71 Client update - Sicop - 01-30-2011

just awesome again!

RE: 8.71 Client update - Dan's - 01-30-2011

haha framerate>nice! now I can open 3+ MC with magebot.

RE: 8.71 Client update - Przem0 - 01-30-2011

Please fix this anti-paralyze bug...

RE: 8.71 Client update - Lloyd - 01-30-2011

Your guys fixed the bug on friend collors? bcz all the time when i use friend collors my tibia get debugged!

and i think its really usefull ;(

kthzxbye ;* luv u sicop s2

RE: 8.71 Client update - lopht - 01-30-2011

made a few changes to the antiparalyze and the friend colors, if you want you can redownload and install again to see if its still causing problems

RE: 8.71 Client update - Bogart - 01-30-2011

fix the hold attack bug please.

RE: 8.71 Client update - Intense - 01-30-2011

I redownload and reinstalled bot, and it's still hasn't worked properly Sad Antyparalyse is still bugged by using Exura spell only.

RE: 8.71 Client update - lopht - 01-30-2011

Did you change the text on the box to a different spell?

Also if you are using the safemode redownload it one more time as I left something out of that version