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RE: 8.62 Client Update - MCSITRO - 11-16-2010

i need crack magebot!!!

RE: 8.62 Client Update - Jova - 11-26-2010

Lopht, how have you been? Dude, some options aren't working at all. I mean once you select a target to be attacked with SDLAST you can't select another target because the SD isn't shooted, sometimes it happens to me with players/creatures. PARAMAX1 sometimes works sometimes don't, for example: if you spam to much times your PARAMAX1 hotckey on a target. it get disable I dont know why? so you need to close your client and reopen your magebot to get it back to normaly

Other thing, the siofriend doesn't work. I mean "If you are in a party and left it, when you join in other party your siofriend stop of working" It really sounds very stupid but I have done this lots of time and my sio get bugged.

Please fix it,