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8.61 Client Update - lopht - 08-25-2010

Change Log:
1.ANTIPUSH now accepts two parameters in the form ANTIPUSH id1,id2
2.RMAX 3195 (which is soulfire) will try to not shoot the same target 2 times within 2 seconds-- not a great fix but hopefully we will improve it later
3.The SPRINT hotkey now works correctly
4.There is a new box under the Friend List button which you can put a number such as 87 which will auto color your friends outfits
5.There is a new hotkey called DODGE which works the same as SPRINT except it will try to dodge obstacles

We are still testing some things so let us know if you experience any problems here

EDIT:Fixed a looting bug, you should redownload and reinstall if the bot does not AutoLoot single items properly

RE: 8.61 Client Update - Sicop - 08-25-2010


RE: 8.61 Client Update - Pj* - 08-25-2010

Singed Wink

RE: 8.61 Client Update - Emma - 08-25-2010

My sio doesnt want to work, I use windows 7, I dont know why :S
Can some1 help me?

RE: 8.61 Client Update - lopht - 08-25-2010

Could you test and see if anything else is bugged?

RE: 8.61 Client Update - Emma - 08-25-2010

Already testing, tested almost everything else and nothing is bugged.

RE: 8.61 Client Update - Thee Soul - 08-25-2010

anyone can explain me for what is SPRINT and DODGE and how it work?

is the speedhack detectable ?

RE: 8.61 Client Update - ulsen - 08-25-2010

U need to fix the looting problem since it stills there...:S

The debug its that the bot only loot stackable items....
so bot doesnt loot stuff like war hammers or stuff like that... plz fix it

RE: 8.61 Client Update - Sah - 08-25-2010

Hi I have a question. I am a magebot safe mode user but with this new bot called neobot claiming to be 100% safe because it uses hotkeys, I wonder if I should keep using magebot. I love the simplicity of this bot and it works perfectly for me, but I wanna know, honestly, if there is a risk of being detected and banned by using safe mode.

The functions I use are auto heal, auto mana and sio.

RE: 8.61 Client Update - lopht - 08-25-2010

Magebot_SAFEMODE operates in the same way as NeoBot, via mouseclicks and hotkeys. Both are considerably less detectable than bots that directly manipulate the client, which as far as assurances go, is probably the best you are likely to get, unfortunately

SPRINT is used to change your speedhack hotkey, if you open the Custom Hotkeys button, you will notice SPRINT is mapped to the Delete key by default,. You can change or remove this setting as well as replace it with the DODGE key if you would like to test it