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8.60 Client Update - lopht - 07-01-2010

This is just a standard client update with no new features, however we plan to do a second small update hopefully fairly soon with a couple new things. Also the follow function is temporarily disabled. If you find any bugs with this release please let us know here.

RE: 8.60 Client Update - Sicop - 07-01-2010


RE: 8.60 Client Update - lcg - 07-02-2010

My MAgebot dont work D:

I open Tibia-Magebot = Debug.

i'm using the new version magebot

RE: 8.60 Client Update - Dan's - 07-02-2010

Thank you very mutcho

RE: 8.60 Client Update - Pro Tbia - 07-02-2010

<crossing fingers> Will any physical skills trainer be included with those upcoming updates? xD

RE: 8.60 Client Update - Sicop - 07-02-2010

bob can u check it?

thx u :d

RE: 8.60 Client Update - Dannyzita - 07-03-2010

When I look at any item to get the ID
this item take a new id if i look it again

I can't set new items for looting because i can't get the correct IDs

Sorry for my bad english...
Please fix this problem