Full Version: 8.55 Update
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Minor 8.55 Client Update

The Hold Attack[x] and Heavy Heal with knight potions have been fixed, let us know if they work properly.

Also in light of the recent news regarding the improved anti-bot tool, we would not reccomend using a serious account on the official tibia servers with Magebot. For sure at least not until some time has passed and any changes to the anti-botting policy are more evident
Oks thanks! Big Grin
nice, although would you still say the say mode should be good?
normal mode?
my magebot no open only open and closed tibia for what :S?
mm you must run tibia first
:S my tibia closed in im open tibia
thanks for hold atak ;D credits for me xDDDDDDD

sicop iam Lloyd on dolera bitcxh you remenber me? iam friend of baltier etc etc we talked on rubera vt xD
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