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Please be aware that it is unlikely that there will be a Magebot battle eye update for some time and we do not recommend that you try using 3rd party bypasses. As always we will continue to support magebot for use on ot servers and will provide more information as it becomes available.

*The following have been provided for use at your own risk*

Tibia 10 client(copy into address bar):
Tibia 10 Magebot:

If you wish to test it out you must open the tibia folder and run client.exe as administrator then download the newest magebot and run as administrator

EDIT (6/9) Version 10i
A sad day for us.... =/
Nobody will be delete man only update magebot. We need it!
Update the bot, and then everyone uses at their own risk.
doesnt work man.
Just run client.exe as admin and then magebot as admin , dont turn on battle eye
i run with administration perrmision and doesnt work just stopping magebot by battleye
dont run tibia.exe .. open the tibia folder and run client.exe
I installed Tibia 10, I run client.exe as administrator, I open magebot as administrator, I get a message that magebot has stopped working.
Dosen't work
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