Full Version: Update 10c
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If you are having debugs please redownload the newest version of magebot

As always get the new one on the downloads page and post any bugs you find here.  


Tibia 10 client(copy into address bar):
Tibia 10 Magebot:
Magebot has stopped working!

What happened?
Same here
magebot doesn't work! why????
no answer
Make sure you dl the newest version of both the bot and the client
After 07/02 update.. MageBot its not working :C
Need MageBot Client 10d
after 07/02 update... Magebot ins't working, we need a MageBot Client 10d, pls Big Grin
please guys try your best to update the Magebot at the site so we can download it, GL Smile