Full Version: Update 10.76
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Please Somebody update this!
New tibia client version 10.76


Its small patch update should not take too long! hehe

"Mar 03 2015 - Due to a small client patch, the server save takes longer than usual today. We expect all game worlds to be back online around 10:45 CET."

Thanks for all your hard work @ TibiaDB!
the major change this update is in the hotkey system,

you can swap gear and rings with hotkeys
Hello, How long will this tibia update take for (magebot) to update? please let me know.
yea if its going to take long,
can do quick release on version with just healer click reuse and speedhack, would be greatt! Tongue
Waiting for update Tongue
waiting for update !!!

Waiting for update plx Lopht
It's taking forever. xD
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