Full Version: 10.56 update
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as always get the new one on the downloads page and post any bugs you find here

EDIT:Safemode still buggy so it hasn't been updated properly. I would be careful with cavebotting until that gets fixed
safemode is running????
Thanks bro.
Doesnt work, same version as 10.55
the safemode is working now? can u update too like the others version
Hmm seems like its working good, your install might have been corrupted. Close tibia/reinstall or reboot/reinstall if you have to.
and the safemode? looks like strange
Tongue hey hi i whis you are fine!! i like you to update the program the best way if it cost 4 o 5 days take your time but brin it good, mine is not loting, not killing, not refiling arows, not working XD please take a lok at it
it is a very good program
safemode like old times lopht please.
Thank You.