Full Version: 10.52 update
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Sorry about the wait. As always get the new one on the downloads page and post any bugs you find here
alert still does not work

can you fix it ? or make script for beep if attacked
i think looter have problems it try to loot but dont pickup anything !!!!
bro the bot dont loot Coryms items and creatureitems of it :/
Please can you update Loot List ????
If someone can give me a list in any format of all the good new items to loot i can update our list
Doesn't show mana, feels like this is the 10.51 update just renamed? Dodgy
Yeah, obviously something is wrong.. keep getting kicked while trying to use magebot.. and it doesn't act like it should. Angry
reboot and reinstall
The bot doesnt loot when i load a cavebot save.
This guy programs as slow as jabba the hut moves. =)

hello, not yet received my activation key to the Magebot .. I have proof of payment
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