Full Version: 10.50 Update
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Sorry about the wait guys. As always get the new one on the downloads page and post any bugs you find here.

1.self.handct and self.handleftct should return proper values for quantity of items in hand

2.the preview version has been uploaded, if you have bugs with that version make sure to mention that it is for the preview version when you post
amém! kkkkkkk
Finally the update we've all been waiting for! ^.^
I hope the preview worlds update is soon to come. Smile
Ill upload the preview once people are finished bug testing the main version
this with some bug. Healer, not pot is working, and self hur. ^^
its some problem with healing <exura gran he not use > mage change hotkeys and is problem with manas when you fix this we waiting few days for update and now is some problem Sad
thanks man, next time update fast allright?
for the preview does not open normal closes and the safemode does not cure
Please solve the Magebot self .. 10:50 mod is bugged healer "sodium exura" use potion also bugged fix this please
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