Full Version: 10.36-10.37 Update
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Sorry about the wait guys. The update is posted on the downloads page. Please post here if you find any bugs.
settings files of magebot of tibia client version 10.35 doesn't work with the new magebot,im not sure if it only me who is facing this problem
sometimes it doesnt save the setting you input as well as dodge and sd max and other functions partially work and sometimes they dont work at all.
It wont connect with new tibia client... and wont load any settings
My Magebot can't find the client. Something is wrong. Please fix it asap.
yes, new update can't find tibia "10.36" when will be that update fixed??
I uploaded a new one that should fix the sio and load settings issue. Let me know if anything is still broken
Now is perfect! Good job....
now all is good thx man good job ;*
My Magebot giving this problem when he does not come soon with the configuration according to the character, and sometimes is going wrong when connecting
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