Full Version: 10.31 Update
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Some new hotkeys (thanks to fantasma):
SDLOWER:when pressed will shoot sd on people ONLY ON priority 1,2,3,4.
SDHIGHER:will shoot sd on people only on priority 5 even if other priotities are on screen.
AMUFAST id,time:Loads amulets with id every (time) milliseconds, Example:AMUFAST 3081,100

As always get the new one on the downloads page and post any bugs you find here.
is AMUFAST available in safemod? Is full mode still midly safe?
Lopht, como estas?, mira tengo un problema, sabes que lo instale y no me agarrar el dash ni nada de eso, tengo window7 y lo ejecuto como administrador y no jala :/ que puede ser? btw, nice to talk to you again
@Jova desactiva el UAC
system ip changer Magebot 10.31 is out of date, he has ip changer 10.30.