Full Version: Small test update (Oct 25)
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Im going to go ahead and upload a small unofficial test update for people who need some of these bugs fixed. You will also be able to test the new online list feature (which is not 100% complete but should work ok)

1.Lure Monsters[x] waits for monsters to approach you before engaging
2.The safemode looter now opens backpacks inside your loot backpacks when they get full
3.The Cave Run and Open Run mode now work with scripts that you record
4. The Refresh Lists button reloads all your enemy,friend,loot,monster lists without having to close and reopen the bot.
5. I "think" pushmax is working now
6. You can test the Online List[x] thing, you will have to wait some minutes the first time you check it, you will not need to push the refresh guilds button unless you want it to reload everything so prolly dont use it. You can hover your mouse over the names to see characters. The bot will also read the enemies.txt and BigVIP.txt and add them to the list.
Also the Demo Mode for magebot is not working properly and has not been working for some time, we will hopefully try to get that fixed though at some point
How can i get it to show only my enemys and friends?
like you got ur enemys on the side in red and mine does not do that even tho i got my list set
So if that could be done i can do my freinds in BIG vip
Uncheck the show guilds[x]

then make sure your enemy list looks like this


and also the bigVIP.txt too

in other words make sure theres a ; at the end of each name, and make sure you capitalize them exactly

Then close and reopen Magebot after saving the file
All that works for me is the big vip
Hmm Ill check into it, im not sure why it would not show it

Also test and see that the Enemy List button works and that it is saving correctly on your computer, also maybe redownload the newest one i posted that might help
Good update!

I think the new options will facilitate our lifes...
Mainly, the refresh list option! Smile

Also for people having trouble with the online list, make sure you wait a few moments the first time you run it, this will take longer for some people depending on their connection. In addition if you wish to view only some guilds but not all, go to

C:\\Program Files\Magebot and open the files for the guilds you wish to remove ie Server_GuildName.txt, then delete all the names and save the file.

If the guild has changed, and you wish to get the updated one you can just delete the file and the bot will reload it
awaken? you play xantera?
Hold attack has to be bugged
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