Full Version: 10.21 Update
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This update fixes the bot for the new client. There might be some bugs so please post if you find any. As always get the new one on the downloads page.

1.MANAFRIEND x->manapotions an ally on navi at x% mana only while hotkey pressed
2.POTIONFRIEND x-> on/off automanapotion ally on navi at x% mana
3.cureparalyze+autohaste shoot both spell correctly now outfit is being adjusted atm, which is why it may act strangely
sio error
(10-31-2013, 12:21 AM)hugobaco Wrote: [ -> ]sio error

I uploaded a new one hopefully fixes this.
preview game world ... no function magebot.. :|
Only Here the magebot isn't catching all the gold ?
Dear administrator, I come here to report a bug with magebot, when I open it and I try to connect it to the tibia and the debug ends feichando the tibia. either version as the version 10:20 10:21 I am not able to deal with my problem I need a solution to be able to continue using the magebot. The purpose is windows xp
tanan is that on the preview world?
quando sai o Magebot pra mundos Preview ??
I wanna know too... will be release a magebot to preview world?
loots stacks are are bugged, dont loot at all and some itens even go to backpack keep saying "its not possible"