Full Version: 10.20 Update
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This update fixes the bot for the 10.20 client. As always get it on the downloads page and post any bugs you find here
Good morning, today I was testing my magebot only that he is in error when I open magebot it crashes and my char is disconnecting itself
1.Rename your magebot folder,
2.Download and install the correct magebot version from the website into a new folder
3.Copy back over any settings files you need
Hello. So, seems like my magebot doesn't have the safe version.... I mean... I install it correctly but when I open , the safe mode is really similar with the full version, and the icon doesn't show when I open it (safe mode).. There is some problem with that or it is just a little change ?
It is the safe version, just the wrong icon. You can tell by the fact you wont get any on screen info or speedhack or light hack or any other client modifications
It's ok man, thanks for all, and good job =) the MB is awesom!!