Full Version: 9.82 Update
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This update fixes the bot for the 9.82 client. Also the bot should no longer accidentally go up ladders when looting.

As always get the new one on the downloads page and post any bugs you find here.

EDIT:There was a bug with automanashield in the first upload, you may need to redownload and reinstall the fixed version
Thanks Smile
Thanks, Good Bot :p
i noticed 2 problems so far... in safe mode auto manashield doesnt work at all and autogranhur just spams spell nonstop
Well, AUTOMANASHIELD is not working and AUTOHUR is using the magic without stopping. Please correct this bug

All need this bot for war...Big Grin

ant paralyze also not working
Good catch, I uploaded a new one that hopefully fixes this.
administrator you fucking bastard, you upload this after warmodes ends, now its useless
Both versions (Safe and unsafe mode) takes about 2 minutes using 100% from my CPU, during this time my PC completely freezes.

Keep in mind this never happened at the older versions of Magebot.
Hey whats up?!
Cure paralyze not working.

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