Full Version: Bps!
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I tinkered around with it and figured out most everything. btw awesome bot.I use safe mode then cavebot to do my work for me but i'm having troubles with bps full of coins when there almost full they will start putting coins in my item bp of bp2 and wont switch to the next one i tend to have 10-15 bps in one another. How can i fix this so i can leave my bot for extended periods of time? Its a simple fix i'm sure. And also some time the auto looter will just skip loot altogether. it will pick up 14 here and leave 54 on another corpse. dunno maybe you guys can shine some light on these issues
The bot should load the previous bp once you fill up the current one. Im not sure how it functions in safemode.

You can try Loot after kill[x] and it will hopefully catch more corpses. Also try to leave as much space open on the side for bodies as possible as running out of room can cause it to miss them sometimes
thank you