Full Version: 8.70 Client Update
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We apologize for the delay. This update only fixes the bot for the 8.70 client. There are no changes or other bug fixes at the moment. We will probably be releasing a 2nd update in a couple days.

Please post any bugs you encounter in this thread

EDITConfusedmall bug with mwall timers fixed, reboot redownload and reinstall if you already downloaded it
Dont care about bugs we only need the cavebot now Sad you cand make a 2nd update as you say it later with all bug fixeds :/
yes plx, make a goood cavebot,and plxx add the new spells of all vocation as exura ico
oooh yeah thats pretty important the new spells :/ but they not need to do'em :k just put on heal exura ico and the character will say EXURA ICO-.-
nvm is fine Tongue
anti-paralyze not working :<<<
(12-11-2010, 10:08 AM)Przem0 Wrote: [ -> ]anti-paralyze not working :<<<

il check it, mwall timer has a small bug too
It would be perfect if you put a new system with the new spells.


- Special timers for the new system of cooldown
- Something that you can make a combo with the new spells with right cooldown
Hay un problema con el heal friend's se desactiva solo para mi q soy druid es muy important ya q siempre tengo q hacer sio y con ese problema de que se desactiva es un gran problema :S
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